Monday, April 21, 2008

Solaris Movie Review

One of the things I enjoy nowadays is watching movies I have missed during those busy days in school. I truly appreciate the luxury of time because it gives me the chance to savor this instance without hurriedness.

One of the movies I recently watched and fell in love with is Solaris directed by Steven Soderbergh. George Clooney and Natascha McElhone starred in what was considered as the Most Romantic Sci- film of year 2002.

The movie depicts the paradoxical convolutions of beliefs about God, death, resurrection, Cosmos and depth of love.

It was a whirlwind romance for Rheya (Natascha) and Chris (George). However, differences in belief about the existence of God and other perplexing matters later on disintegrates their relationship. Chris callously left his wife who in turn committed suicide. Her suicide note includes the lines of a poem written by Dylan Thomas quoted to her by Chris the first time they met…

Though they go mad they shall be sane,
Though they sink through the sea they shall rise again;
Though lovers be lost love shall not;
And death shall have no dominion.

The mystery of their love inhabits in the line of a poem itself, “death shall have no dominion.” 

When Chris was called by a friend to investigate the unusual behaviors of scientists studying the planet Solaris, he found himself battling with the same demons that haunt him since the death of his wife. Guilt and remorse threw him ill-equipped for what awaits him in the space station, Prometheus.

Could it be his insurmountable love or Rheya’s undying devotion to their relationship that resurrected his dead wife? Or maybe it is the unseen force of Solaris itself? For whatever reasons, it seems that they were about to have a second chance.

When Rheya materialized out of Chris’s memoir of her, and he asked, “How did you get here?” her answer was so simple, “What’s wrong? I love you so much”.

It was the absolute explanation itself of the mystery that surrounds her manifestation in the space station. Love is enough to conquer everything…no skies so high and no oceans so deep…death shall have no dominion.

Part of being human is to have this unquenchable thirst to seek an explanation of everything- especially about God. But when we come face to face with an answer we suddenly recoil and still we can not come to terms with what we searched for. Even though Chris came up with evidences about the mystery that surrounds Solaris which his wife suggested, “almost like God?” still he won’t simply believe.

In the first part of the movie, Chris read a book that tries to “demonstrate that the most advanced theories and victories of mathematics represent nothing more than a stumbling, one step or two-step progression from our rude, prehistoric understanding of the Universe around us.”

However, Gibarian, his friend who committed suicide in the station after having mysterious visitors said… “You ask questions at the end of your life, the sort of questions people who are content don't ask. Maybe life just can't be solved.”

The enigma of love was clearly portrayed by Rheya, death for her husband and revivification in the name of their love.

The climax scene which showed a young boy offering his hand to Chris seemed a clear portrayal of his coming to terms with himself and everything he believed into.

The element that comprises life was magnificently shown especially at the latter part of the movie then the color green which represents new life. It was the time Chris found himself back on earth and staring at his dead wife who mysteriously appeared again and uttered, “Everything is forgiven.”

Solaris exemplifies more than a Sci-film but an in depth portrayal of love and belief…truly magnificent and it captivated my heart. 

Saturday, April 19, 2008

One Fine Afternoon

Trisha and Shayne 

As the sun started to hide its smile in the vast panorama of skies, the girls and I decided to bond outside. It was a fine afternoon perfect to breath fresh air. Shayne opted to take pictures while I taught Trisha how to play badminton.

Shayne is into photography nowadays while Trisha is more into sports. The latter has just finished her swimming lesson and she wants to learn now how to play badminton. 

After several attempts of trying to teach Trisha how to hit the shuttlecock, an adorable neighbor’s dog named Zac appeared out of nowhere and tried to join the fun. I simply fell in love with him so I decided to take pictures.

Unfortunately, the feeling wasn’t mutual because I just found myself chasing him to have a good shot. Whenever I was about to catch him in a perfect position he would turn his back as if teasing me by wagging his tail. 

What a bad shot! 


and more... 

and more... 

bad shot...;( 

I tried and tried but never succeeded. Until such time that Princess, our neighbor, decided to hug him so that I could capture him in a good position. Still, Zac seemed to tell me that he’s camera shy because obviously, I never got a good shot of him. Too bad. Grrrrr… 

Zac: Let me go!!! You need to give me first my talent fee. 

Shayne decided to have a try and miracle of miracles, the bashful Zac suddenly posed and showed his adorable face! Now, talk about favorites. 


But, I just simply love him especially his pinkish tongue and white huggable furs so I guess he’s forgiven now for ruining early my career in photography.

Evidently, Shayne has more future in photography than me.

Oh, I was successful though in teaching Trisha how to hit the shuttlecock…only that she ended up hitting her hand also. Needless to say, I was in for endless teasing from the two girls. Ugh! 

Here are more photos taken by Shayne… 

Shayne's favorite model...Trisha. 

The lone bird... 

Hmmm...looks familiar, right Shayne? :) 

Is the bird waiting for its lover? 

Did you run out of model??? 

Buy one take all.:) 

Trisha: Ate Shayne, make sure it's beautiful. 

Oh, what happened? No more birds and cow? Emo girl. Tsk, tsk, tsk. 

Pretty girls in pink. 


Trisha: Ate Shayne is preparing me to be a model someday. 

Trisha: See? A perfect model. :) 

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Monday, April 14, 2008

When Hope is Lost

The man in a white coat launched into explanation while pointing into the images on screen. But it was as if what was happening was a scene in the movie with his dialogue completely muted up.

A wall was robotically erected to surround me from disenchantment again. I flashed a fake smile, determined not to ruin at least my composure.

Later on, as I walked briskly in the nearby clinic I clenched the result in my hands tightly. I couldn’t help but to look at the dark clouds that seemed to threaten of a brewing storm. If only I knew how to cuss maybe it would help to ease the tempest inside me. But it was one of those things I did not learn in my life.

I tried to compose instead a poem to forget but my effort was futile. Tears streamed down anyway and blended with the soft rain falling on my face. Great! Heaven knew the perfect timing when to cry with me.

As I sat on the couch in the clinic waiting for my turn, I tried to paint the ceiling with happy images. It was one of those things I enjoyed doing to cast away negative thoughts. The smileys on the ceiling with the words; “It’s good to smile” seemed to mock me while dancing on the wind.

As I stared later on at the doctor while she heaved long deep breaths after reading the results, I knew it says a lot about my dreaded news. I shrugged my shoulders completely resigned to my fate. After all, it was all too familiar…

When hope floats amidst the raging sea

Whipped ruthlessly by mammoth waves

Shrinking helplessly falling deeply

Swathed with dark foams

Embraced in malady.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Trisha's First Swimming Lesson

First of all, here's how you do it...

Dive into the water...

deep, deep down...

As in deeeeeepp...

Wow, that was hard!

But, I did it!


On my way to the deepest and the farthest part of the pool...

Wait coach, I'm thirsty and I need to drink water...(yuck!)

No!!!I'm're so cruel coach!

Let me hold that!!!

Mommy! You've got to help me.

Tita NiƱa, stop taking pictures! Help me!

I will report you to the police. I promise that!

Oh, it's not so bad after all.:)

I'm flying!!!opppsss...I mean I'm swimming.

Wait, somebody's stalking me...

Let me hide.

Ah, so refreshing. What a marvelous summer...:)

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