Saturday, March 28, 2020

Five Important Thoughts to Ponder on the Corona Virus Pandemic

“Ad meliora.” Toward better things.

The whole world is a massive Titanic ghastly sinking with the unprecedented spread of the virus infecting thousands of people. Even in the movie where everything is usually ostentatious, most Titanic passengers fend for themselves except for the violinists who continued playing amidst chaos and fight for survival. I am sure, majority of the people are feeling the same thing right now-fighting for survival.

The situation is overwhelming and even the information could be suffocating especially if you are one of those forced to “stay home to stay safe”. Amidst this chaos, it is important to remind ourselves that Coronavirus pandemic will be over. It is not a question of ‘if’, but “when”.

This is indeed a scary time but my faith has not faltered at all. I am staying positive that this unforeseen events that we found ourselves are temporal and soon we would be back to normal (Although we might have a different perspective what’s normal when that time comes).


Pandemic brings out the best and worst of people. The sudden closures of schools left so many families with dilemma how and when to get their next meals. Thankfully, officials jumped in and filled the needs of the community. When everything is falling and failing, kindness matters. Think about the first responders who are putting others before themselves. The world would be so lost without them to save us from this chaos. Then, there's the worst side of humanity- hoarding food, discrimination to people from Asian descent, and of course endless blaming as to whose fault it is. How are we coping up with the best and the worst of humanity? When this is all over, are we going to appreciate more our health providers? Are we going to be kinder on how we deal with workers at the grocery stores? Are we going to be more empathetic to other people from the other side of the world and be concern when things like this happen?


Happiness is usually equated with money and fame. To be catapulted in a situation where we did not have control was quite scary. Health and family are usually set aside to deal with the usual hustle and bustle of the daily lives- work, bills, travel, gadgets, and more bills. It took a virus to realign everything in our lives. Suddenly, we are thrown into oblivion without the movie theaters, restaurants, sports stadiums, and in some places even playgrounds were closed. We are forced to talk more to our friends, to our families, and to focus our energies on things which used not to matter. When this is all over, would there be a shift with the paradigm of where we focus our priorities?


This morning, David and I went out to get some groceries for a relative whose husband is sick and been dealing with chemo. The hardest thing was dropping off the stuff and not being able to give each other a hug. Without a doubt, this pandemic separated families because of variety of reasons. Some health providers had to stay in a different place to protect their families. Some people had to work more hours to meet the demand of a panicking society. The saddest reality is the loss of thousands of families who would not even have the time to grieve. No man is an island. We need each other to survive. Relationship is a link that connects each of us. When this is all over, are we going to value more each member of our family and take each day as if it were the last?


Suffrage is a right but it is also a responsibility. When this is all over, we need to discern the important obligation bestowed upon us to choose the leaders of the society. When you are told to stay home, the whole responsibility of your survival is put on their shoulders. It is an important realization that we need leaders who care and leaders who have compassion to ordinary members of the society.


To feel like you’re suddenly drowning is a normal feeling. Cry if you must but never give up. Human kind has been in existence for millions of years. No virus would defeat us. Remember, when Pandora opened a jar left in her care containing sickness, death and many other unspecified evils which were then released into the world, one thing was left behind- HOPE. Let us use the power of HOPE to look at the future with positivity. When this is all over, let us always remember the power of positivity and how it sees as through.

This, too, shall pass. Ad meliora. Toward better things.


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