I am a writer, a teacher, a curriculum developer, and a lay-out artist of different school publications. I have a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in English and Master of Arts in Education, Major in Educational Management. I tried another world totally different from teaching by enrolling in Juris Doctor since being a lawyer was part of my dream. However, after finishing several units, it dawned on me that my dream was different from what I wanted to accomplish in reality. So, off I went to continue what I have started in the academe and received about 300 awards.


Who am I’ goes deeper than my professional qualification. It is a paradox that I have looked at myself in a deeper perspective only after decades of existence. I guess, this is a fraction of who I am. The ‘I’ is often ignored because ever since I could remember ‘we’ and ‘they’ hold more responsibilities since they denote more number of people involved.

As a person, I hold true in my heart the most important thing in life, which is leaving a lasting impression of morality and sincerity. With the combination of these two virtues, I am bound to have a life well lived. I do not claim a saintly- life. As a human being, I know that I am fallible. No space can accommodate the mistakes I have made in my life. However, I can claim that these two main ingredients of a contented life are deeply planted in my heart and clearly define who I am as a person.

Being a teacher for me is evidently elucidated in the speech of one of my top students. A teacher embodies the value of her untold influence. It does not merely mean teaching per se but bringing dawn of understanding in the minds and opening hearts for greater yearning to learn. Further, he explicated that through me, he learned the importance of initiative and generosity. That is exactly what a teacher must be. Generous in sharing everything she has even if it means getting drained in the process. The real essence of teaching is creating greater individuals. Probably, bigger than what a teacher is. I can claim with utmost certainty that my former students will be better in their chosen fields in the future. Some seeds last long and I am glad as a teacher to be one of those responsible in planting tiny seeds of knowledge and virtues. Their feats are affirmations of my essence as a teacher.


Being a teacher both in Asia and here in the United States brought me a lot of realizations. As a teacher in two countries in Asia, it dawned on me how teachers are underpaid, unappreciated, and overworked. I was one of those teachers struggling to comply with all the paper works, providing quality instructions, and juggling other assignments. I saw with my own eyes how teachers selflessly sacrifice financially and personally to help their students. 

Thus, I built a channel to extend my help in simple ways by providing educational resources for teachers around the world. The Facebook page, English and ArtSolutions has currently more than 12,000 followers and my website, https://www.englishandartsolutions.com has hundreds of resources.

Moreover, my teaching experience here in the most powerful country in the world hit me with a painful realization. Millions of children back home do not have access to proper education and basic necessities such as food. The problem is bigger than life itself but I have always lived with the principle that a help no matter how small will always make a difference.

Where am I then? At the heart of the dreams I have carefully woven for many years.

Ever since I started teaching, I have had this very strong conviction to give only the best in this field. Thus, I purge myself to the point of exhaustion hoping nothing but giving what the students deserve whenever they go to school. This site is my next venture. Reaching teachers and students no matter where they are in the world.

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