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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Next Chapter of My Life (Student's Article)

Sushmita Mae Rose Contreras
My life is always full of new lessons, new discoveries, and new knowledge about it. I guess life is truly full or surprises. You’ll never know when another chapter of your life is going to be revealed.

For me, there are some things in life that we need to learn by ourselves. Sometimes, wisdom is something you gain through your own efforts. Like for example, acquiring knowledge based from your own experiences. Anyway, experience is and will always be, the best teacher, only if you can apply what you’ve learned.

I strongly believe that every person has already experienced a life-changing moment in his life, even just for once. It is when one small thing caused a huge impact in your life. Afterwards, you’ll have this sudden feeling of enlightenment, like a bright light struck you and carried away your entire burden.

Now, I’m facing a new chapter in my life and the feeling is overwhelming. After all those challenges I’ve gone through, another beginning is to start. Mixed emotions take over me—excitement, joy, curiosity, and fear.

I feel like I’ve overcome the biggest threat and largest problem that ever existed in this world. It’s like being able to carry the cross with ease, without feeling even a single pain. I don’t know why, but I suddenly felt like God took away the entire burden within me.

Maybe it’s about time for me to impart that wisdom to the people around me. And I also want to share to others what I’ve learned in the past challenges which changed my life completely. Overcoming my fears and self-doubts made the process much difficult but without them, that trial won’t be as tough as it was—which only made me stronger. Every undertaking was all worth it.

Day by day, I learn to understand my purpose in this world. Through those undertakings and problems, I managed to overcome my fears and realized the true meaning of life. Yes, every beginning has its own end, but every ending corresponds to another beginning, another chapter. Another chapter of my life has ended and I’m all set to take the next.

(Sushmita Mae Rose Contreras)


Monday, September 07, 2009

The Icon of Peace

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At 76, she bid her final farewell…

I first saw her face on a news magazine, Reporter, embossed on the front page showing a peace sign amidst countless people. I was seven and I barely comprehend what Martial Law or democracy signifies but peace I understood…thanks to her.

Launching into description of her would be like committing a grave sin of injustice. Nothing would suffice really. Her story was like a fairy tale- only that she didn’t have a happy ending with her husband who was cruelly assassinated.

However, it was full enough of colourful trappings to amount it to a movie story- born in an influential clan, married the man of her dreams, served as a plain housewife for many years, lost her husband in the most painful way,  catapulted into presidency without preparation, and braved the odds to defend her youngest daughter in many controversies and finally, succumbed into colon cancer.

She wowed the whole world with her silent forbearance. She’s a mother, a writer, a painter…an advocate of peace. The right one needed after the whole country suffered under the hands of tyranny.

Farewell to Cory Aquino. Her legacy was written in the heart of every Filipino- the legacy of PEACE.

She wowed the whole world with her silent forbearance. She’s a mother, a writer, a painter…an advocate of peace. The right one needed after the whole country suffered under the hands of tyranny.

Tapestry of Unequivocal Adversity

-endless piles of works which seem to add up every time I accomplish something…

-Sacrificing personal aspects of my life…

-Enduring the weakening resistance of my body…

-Heightening pressure to prove something in the class…

-Giving up the luxury of Sunday relaxations…

Ahhh…the noxious life of Doctor of Jurisprudence!!!

Now, Saturday vigil for next meeting’s quiz!

It's a constant struggle but I do it anyway.

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