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10 Essential Reasons Why Kindness Matters in the World that is Not Kind

During the time that my father-in-law was so sick with cancer, a couple who go to the same church with us secretly gave me money and told me that it is a little help for his medical needs. He only had one request- do not tell my father-in-law that it was them who gave it. In the world where humanity seems so rare, it was an inexplicable feeling being a bridge to extend kindness.

That experience reminded me of “The Golden Rule” that we were taught as a kid. It was simple, be kind at all times. Treat people the same way you want to be treated. It remains relevant through the passage of time yet is is disheartening how this is slowly fading. People are finding it easier to bully and harder to forgive. The injustice is so imminent and blatant because of the proliferation of social media. Cruel words are hurled mercilessly behind the comfort of the screen. It is easier to jump and to judge people based on several seconds of video. The ‘viral’ thing to do is to judge harshly without knowing all the facts.

However, I do not want to dwell much on how negative the world is coming to be. I believe with the power of kindness and why it matters despite of the fact that we live in the world that is not kind. Before you type a comment and hit enter, think again if you are bringing positivity in the world.

Remember, kindness matters because of these undeniable reasons:

1. Kindness is the best medicine.
Why do you feel good whenever you do something kind to others? There is nothing as rewarding as being kind to others. Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins are all associated with generosity. Science has so many studies revealing that being kind is actually linked with success resulting to overall decrease in stress.

2. Kindness can change the world.
Leon Logothetis once said, “One act of kindness towards one human being changes the world. Because to change the world all we have to do is change one life,”.

He couldn’t be more right. Majority of the wickedness happens because we jump and join the wagon of bandits instead of being the first person to spark kindness.

I believe that kindness has a domino effect. When we do one act of kindness, it is beyond explanation how far it could reach. So many people became successful because of one person who chose to be kind.

3. Kindness decreases anxiety.
Being kind to others lighten the burden that we carry every day. When we are not worried about something, there is an absence of anxiety and it is easier to have a real human connection.

5. Kindness can save a life.
Think of a scenario where someone is desperately trying to fight depression and we chose to be kind. Kindness can create a spark that might give hope to that person. Sometimes, a little bit of kindness is enough to save somebody from cutting the last line of hope. We are becoming a world of selfish people unmindful of the suffering of others. Kindness is a selfless act and it can create a spiral effect that can save a life.

6. No act of kindness, no matter how small, goes unnoticed.
It is said that no act of kindness, even the smallest one, goes unnoticed. Sometimes, there are no words spoken but the effect is undeniable.

7. Kindness creates a positive atmosphere.
Kindness creates a positive atmosphere which is safer and healthier. A toxic life starts when we surround ourselves with negativity and kindness can change all that. Offering a little help or using words of encouragement makes any place a conducive place to learn and to work.

8. Kindness exudes the sense of belongingness.
Dalai Lama summed it up with these words, “There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.”

When there is kindness around us, we are immersed into the sense of belongingness.

9. Kindness can bring you inexplicable sense of contentment.
Darwin, who studied human evolution, believed that we are a profoundly social and caring species. He argued that sympathy and caring for others is instinctual.

Kindness brings this enigmatic feeling that eventually leads to contentment. When we know that we did not step on other’s shoes, we have this sense of contentment.

10. Kindness is contagious.
Kindness has the power to be contagious and bring positivity beyond words. We will just never know just how big of an impact a small gesture of kindness can have.

It is indeed a tough world that we live in. Our friends are on Facebook, conversations are through phones and computers, and we don’t know what’s real and what’s fake when people put their charity on Facebook. But, none of these matters. We all have the power to spark kindness no matter what and inspire a better world to live in.

That experience reminded me of “The Golden Rule” that we were taught as a kid. It was simple, be kind at all times. Treat people the same way you want to be treated.
Being kind is FREE and believe me, it makes life lighter and bearable.

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” –Audrey Hepburn-

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