Sunday, December 11, 2016

On My First Month in Michigan

The old adage that says change is the only thing constant in this world still holds true up to this day. Who would have thought that fate would catapult me in the life that I have now? Well, I think I am just living up with the theory about change being the only thing constant in this world.

My journey from Philippines to Indonesia and Indonesia to U.S. is probably the pinnacle of everything I hoped for and dreamed of. Though there was this fear knowing that I was leaving everything behind, to be with my husband after such a long wait and knowing that we wouldn’t need to be separated again vanished all those worries.

With this blog, I want to share our beautiful story of togetherness. One that was written not with fear but with faith. From sun to snow is just one of the changes that I needed to face. However, any changes that I need to face will be without fear so long as I am with my husband.

Sharing with you some of our special moments...

Dec. 10, 2016
Yesterday was a bitter-sweet travel for us. Since I came here, I was having bad allergic reaction with the cats. I know that my husband loves them dearly but he decided to look for a home for them anyway. Thankfully, he found a nice couple from Kalamazoo willing to give them a home. The travel was about two hours and in some areas, it was snowing pretty bad.

Stop over at Kalamazoo

My husband trying not to be sad after giving up Jack and Trudy. 

It was my first time to see this much snow at Kalamazoo. 

Trying to make snowball. 

While at Grandrapids, we had stop-over at a beautiful bridge where people were fishing despite of the strong current and it was in front of that bridge this picture was taken.

"I have no fear of making changes because the painting has a life of its own."


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