Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Insects of Life

I was wordless as I found myself gazing at the spectacular vista right before my eyes. Two quaint white flowers separated from the rest. The other one with fresh petals appeared magnificently proud. While the other looked wilted and…decrepit.

Why? Obviously, the insect has feasted on its beauty. It sapped the flower’s splendor that it ended up poorly dry and totally ruined. Its petals sagged and its color turned into gross yellow.

The piteous flower seemed outcast from the group of fresh leaves and the other flower. 

Strangely, it reminds me of our faith…

As we traverse life, we come across with “insects” of life. The trials and tribulations, the pains and sufferings, the doubts and uncertainties…they all erode our faith. Growing up could only mean being devoid of “unsullied” beliefs. We usually ended up like that poor wilted flower.  

The more the “insects of life” sap our will to survive the more we become bitter with the way how we view life.

Then we say, “What’s the used of believing? Life stings anyway…”

Thenceforth, we yield into melancholy and bitterness could only mean being skeptical. We call life “ugly” and hopeless. The faith totally cave in with despair.

I gazed intently with the other flower- the fresh one. Like an infant fresh from his mother’s womb, it looked wondrously full of hope. It reminds me of love and again…faith.

The “insects of life” could hammer our soul and weaken our faith but if there is love then there is hope. The fresh white flowers imply that come tomorrow a bud of new life will spring out of nowhere because of optimism and courage.

In contrast with that piteous flower we have something that it doesn’t have...love and audacity to fight against the “insects of life”. It could just stand there and accept its fate with the insect but we on the other hand can fight back and at the end become triumphant.

Don’t despair if sometimes our faith wilted…so long as love resides in our heart then life will always be beautiful…

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