Monday, March 05, 2018

Happy Birthday, Ms. Dina!

There are three events that would always remind me of Ms. Dina. She was my former co-teacher at El Shaddai International School where I worked before at Jakarta, Indonesia and probably one of the two Indonesians who touched my life the most (The other was my former school director).

The first event was during the most painful time of my life. After seven years, my first relationship ended and of course I was heartbroken. Even without telling her what really happened, she was the person who was there for me the most. She comforted and prayed for me without judgment. She opened her house for several days so I could be out of the city and take a breath. During the days that I was just going through the motions of life, she paved way so I could still function and try to ease the burden. Without her, it would’ve been doubly hard to just simply surpass that moment of my life.

The second was during my most memorable birthday in Jakarta. I’ve been hinting to her how I would love a particular recipe of fish and during a surprise birthday party for me, she went through so much just to bring me that giant fish exactly as I wanted it!

The third was of course the happiest day of my life in Jakarta. When I chose to get married so quickly, some people were not so happy about it. She on the other hand chose not to judge and simply showed nothing but love and happiness for me and David. During my wedding, her family was there as well.

Needless to say, she will always occupy a very special place in our hearts.

My Dear Ms. Dina

Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. I would never forget during the time that I was in dire need of a friend to lean on, you were there for me. How could I ever forget how you simply invited me in your house and allowed me to be part of your wonderful family? We had so many memorable memories together and even during the time that I made the biggest decision of my life, you supported me without questions.

Thank you for everything and wherever I go, David and I will always remember the kind heart you have shown us. Indonesia will always be a very special place in my heart because of you and your family.


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