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This blog chronicles my travel in different parts of the world, my experiences as a teacher in three countries, and my thoughts on various issues specially politics and social inequalities.

This site also symbolizes death and rebirth of the different crossroads of my life. When I was told that I had a cancer and I might die during the surgery, I had no choice but to utter a complete surrender. However, the road to recovery after that ordeal was mine to define. I started blogging my journey in 2007 which mostly revolved around doctor visits and difficult stages of recovery.

Thereafter, my writing continues sharing my experiences as a teacher, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and ultimately, as a wife. Writing also followed me when I decided to teach in Indonesia and travel to different places and that includes the United States which is currently my home now.

I also write about my musings on different topics which at times gleaned different inspirations on how to deal varied circumstances in life. This is my home, the reflection of my life, my faith, my struggles, and my wanderings.

“Some people arrive only when we reach a crossroads within ourselves, when decisions have to be made, when change is inevitable, but we lack the courage to embrace it. They touch a part of us so deeply that it changes the entire direction of our life, and that exhilarating feeling of love we feel with them, is enough to guide us and give us the strength to take the right road, even if it’s on our own.”Mimi Novic, Your Light is the Key

*When I started writing, my site was named the 'Dreamer's Haven'. I have always thought of myself as a dreamer but I had no courage to put them in reality. It's only through words that I could express myself freely, thus, the name of my blog. I composed this poem in 2007 to elucidate deeply my thoughts.

A dreamer’s den...
Where quandaries derelict
The light of hope sprinkled
Perplexing whiff in the air.

A dreamer’s haven...
Where sweetest songs are played
Where magic dwells
Where tears are veiled in haze
Where sea of sorrows laugh
Where perils lie dormant
The scenes rain and shine.

This is my garden of words
The flower bells of my life
The soul of my soul
The spirit of my love
The inexplicable terrain of my dreams.

Be enthralled…
Be enchanted…
Be spellbound…

…with the magic of my lexis.

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