Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Problem with People

Endless sneezing and it was disgusting!

You see, I was out this afternoon to buy my medicines when I had this horrible experience with the most terrible problem in our country, what else? You got it right! Pollution!

Ending? My allergy attacked again! I need additional medicine!

As the black smoke from the tricycle clogged my nose with foreign matter, it made me wish I just stayed inside the house or I brought with me my surgical mask to protect my body from the invasion of killer smoke.

I don't really like to go through the sordid details of how bad the problem in pollution is in our country. After all, my morning started in quite "mystifying scent" where I see and smell only the beauty of everything around me.

Another thing, the town where I live now is far cry from other cities of the country. This is where you can still breath fresh air and lost yourself to the tranquil humming of trees and singing of the birds. So pollution is not really much of a problem.

What happened then this afternoon? Simple, irresponsibility.

The black smoke that has been showered to me could have been avoided if only the driver did his share. Maintaining properly his tricycle would mean a big difference.

Is that too much? Maybe if only the trees and animals could talk, I'm sure they would have the same plea. Add to that the mountains, the rivers, the lakes… believe me, they're crying the same thing.

I got the plate number of that tricycle. It would give me next time an early caution to brace myself, cover my nose, and run for my safety.


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