Monday, February 25, 2019

The Ultimate Guide to a Perfect BALI Experience

The name Bali is more famous than the country where it belongs to- Indonesia. This is not without credence since 80% of Indonesia’s tourists visit Bali and Bali alone. A co-teacher from the U. S. once told me that she never heard of Indonesia before but she was familiar with Bali. In fact, part of the reason why she decided to teach in Indonesia was to be able to visit Bali.

The perfect tropical paradise sits on the beautiful array of beaches, volcanoes, and wide expanse of temples and rice fields. While majority of Indonesia’s population has Islamic belief, Bali is the only Hindu-majority province with 83.5% adhering to Balinese Hinduism. An interesting trivia I found out from our tourist guide was that the reason why Bali did not allow skyscraper buildings despite of being one of the top destinations in the world was because buildings could not be higher than temples as a sign of respect to their gods.

My travel to Bali was suffused with wide array of experiences which were truly unique amongst different destinations in the world.


Bali’s richness in culture could be attributed to its spirituality. A visit to different temples would give you a glimpse of how their culture and traditions were elaborately influenced by their spirituality.

Our visit to Penglipuran village was extremely unique. Many tourists visited Bali thinking of beaches but the island offers more than that. The village alone was like being transported to something so extraordinary in the world. Houses were built differently and the customs and traditions were so unique which made the experience more unforgettable.


Indonesia's well- known for its thousands of authentic cuisines and the best are found in Bali. We indulge ourselves to the unlimited choices of foods and spices which were famous in the world. There’s the ‘satay’ or marinated chicken in the skewers, nasi goreng or fried rice, vast seafood made more delicious with different sauce and spices.


Bali is renowned for its distinctive arts. Even without entering museums and art exhibits, very detailed statues and other form of arts are prominently displayed all over the island. In fact, the Indonesian Film festival is held every year in Bali.

One of the highlights of our visit was watching a cultural play showcasing the different cultures and traditions of Indonesia. It includes an exhibit of different art works which was unique in the world.


With Ms. Joana, my former co-teacher who is a native of India. Just like me, she's also a Form Teacher (Lead Teacher) in one of the Secondary 3 classes. 

Beautiful Bali sunset! 

The sunrise and sunset in Bali is exceptional. You could totally lose yourself to the tropical beauty of the different beaches. There was a distinct sense, a quintessence of the authentic Balinese experience.

Our sunset experience included visiting a beach with a temple that you could reach by traversing knee-deep water. It has also a cave with what they call as the, “holy snake”.

The corals were perfect for divers and there were myriad waves for surfers. Shores were adorned with fine white sands which was perfect for your feet as you allowed the sun to kiss your skin.

Tanah Lot Temple 

Bali was definitely unparalleled with the combinations of food, beauty, culture and unique experience. It was a living postcard with its beautiful places and it was a fantasy that evokes thoughts of utopia.

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