Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Why Every Child Needs a Quiet Book (Affiliate Article)

Child's development is crucial during the first five years of his life. 

The concept of a quiet time is highly encouraged for children. Researchers found that children who have quiet time are less irritable and have longer attention span. They also learn how to regulate their own emotions.

One way to encourage children to continue having a quiet time is by providing them activities which are non-stimulating such as puzzles and Quiet books. With the toddlers’ ceaseless energy, the little minds need time to recharge. The latter was a very useful tool for me when I was still a preschool teacher in keeping the kids who don’t take a nap occupied.

A Quiet book contains several fabric pages filled with engaging activities. Unlike electronic gadgets, Quiet book provides many valuable skills for intellectual and creative development without adverse side effects. The benefits include fine motor skills, problem solving, eye coordination and hand dexterity, concentration, logical and mathematical concepts, spatial imagination, creative skills, sorting and matching, and practical life skills such as buttoning, shoe lace tying, zipping, and bow tying.

Conversely, Quiet book can also be used to keep a child occupied during doctor’s visit, church and travel.

Sketch Design provides varied Quiet books guaranteed to keep little minds and creative hands occupied! Use the code NINABUENANICHOLS for free shipping (United States only) and to avail of 5% discount.

Disclosure: This is an affiliate/ sponsored post and the author will receive commission at no cost to you.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

22 Stunning Images from Art Prize 2018 at Grand Rapids, Michigan

With 1,260 art pieces on display at 160 venues all over the city from hotels and museums to public parks, Art Prize 2018 was in full swing marking its strong tenth year at Grand Rapids.

For 19 days, art aficionados explore the exhibit giving them the opportunity to partake in the debate of choosing the best art which would bag the grand prize award. Here are the stunning pictures of some of this year’s scene stealers.

'In the Eye of the Beholder' tops my favorites this year. 

"Tollund Man" by Ray Cloutier. 

Cody Frederick's 'The Shocker'. 

Yes, this is an art which purports to provoke and engage critical thought regarding the broad idea of consumerism. 

A 'salvaged art' from historic fire in Michigan. 

Edith Ellwood Pair's 'Great Lakes Civil War' which is a poignant piece depicting life in the Great Lakes. 

One dozen 3D stilts. 

This is one of the most crowded place full with thought-provoking expressions. 

Larry Binkowski's Binky the Travel Rat. 

Arthur Lazaryan's 'Continuum'. 

James O'Neal's life-size wood carvings entitled "Champions". 

Warrior Shadow. 

Art from scrap. 

Art using spray paints. 

One of the painted Honda cars. 

This is also in front of Gerald R. Ford Museum. 

Liquefied is one of the art displayed in front of the Gerald Ford Museum. It is a life-size statue of a girl being one with water. The sculpture signifies the inherent energy found in water as a focus during meditation.

'Mystical Embers' made of wood filled with crystal-like pieces. 

Ryan Schmidt's 'Breath of Life'. 

How to be a part of the world's biggest art competition? Read more here.

Vote for your favorite art entry in Art Prize 2018 here

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Ten Reasons Why I love My Husband (A Birthday Post)

It's my husband's birthday so I made this book containing the ten reasons why I love him. There are more than ten of course but this list is a good start to elucidate why I love him so much.

Thank you so much Alex for helping me get this wallet.

This year's presents for Beb.

Ten is a good start of the countless reasons why I fall in love with you over and over again.

I love you just because YOU are YOU but these reasons make me love you more.

With or without occasion, you always make sure to get something for me. You put my happiness over and above anything else.

I am not an easy person to deal with when I am sick but you never failed to amaze me how much you care for me in everything you do.

I lost count of the times you helped someone at the store because they didn't have enough money to pay for their stuff, or the time you stopped during winter to buy food for a homeless man, or the times we stopped at the side of the road to help someone whose car broke down.

I will be lost without you, Beb.

Without question, you are there by my side, in good times and bad times.

I don't need to put on a ton of makeup because I can be myself when I am with you.

I love how we laugh about EVERYTHING.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Michigan Irish Music Festival 2018

Thanks to the invitation of our friends, Randy and Heather, my husband and I experienced our first Michigan Irish Music Festival.

The festival was held at the Heritage Landing Park, Muskegon. 

The four- day event features live Irish entertainment in five large covered stages, from traditional Irish and folk music to contemporary Celtic rock to storytelling and Irish dance.

Heather and Randy, our kind friends who invited us to attend the festival. 

The best sirloin steak I've ever had! 

Traditional Irish beverage, cuisines, and arts are also available in different booths. In addition to different activities such as cultural presentations, there are two huge Irish markets where you can shop for souvenirs and other Irish merchandise.

Listening to Irish music with Kat's family. 

Beautiful and kind Filipino friend. 

It was definitely another unforgettable experience spent with special friends! 

Michigan Irish Music Festival is a yearly celebration held at the city of Muskegon.


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