Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Dreamer's Dream

I know a dreamer... the young woman who holds the world in her hands. She has woven painstakingly her future- a wonderful one at that.

She built this grand wall around her that says, “I live in happiness, free from disenchantment, a world filled with roses.” Thus she laughs merrily and life has always gone off smoothly as she had planned.

In her vocabulary, the word “affliction” has no place. She defines the kind of life she lives. Her stars were always sparkling with gaiety and the rains were always that of tears of happiness. The skies her haven and the moon illumine the plethora of successes she seizes in her hands.

The dreamer is also a great believer of magic. The full spectrum of which can be seen by the way she handles things. The green verdant meadows her playground, the dragons of life will be slain by her knight and the occasional spell of solitude will be kissed away by her Prince.

One day, the storms came and threatened her world of dreams. The huge wall she built was whipped with the colossal wind and it sadly crumbled into pieces. The macabre tapestry of suffering, pain and disappointments which were just lurking all along scrambled to feast on her weakness.

It was a long battle against insanity and death of will to survive. The dreamer just found herself in a desolate chasm of endless pain. She was falling helplessly like Alice in Wonderland but there was no wonder in the bottomless hollow of darkness she plunged in.

Her soul was battered with a crushing blow and ended up torn into bitter pieces. Life lost its panorama of bright colors and what remained was the red helix wrapped in her heart wet with blood of pain.

In her grief- stricken heart, she walked in dazed with what once her haven of glorious dreams…bewildered and shoulder sagged like a little girl lost in the crowd.

However, after every storm the rainbow emerges to give hope. For the dreamer, it came in a perfect time…

The array of colors from the multihued arch gave her the strength of will to believe and hope that the wall she built will soon stand magnificently again. Indeed, it did.

Her broken heart was slowly healed and her future beamed that of limitless bright promises.

Hope is again within her grasp…happiness is in her heart.

Yet, the dreamer wiped her tears in silence. The Cinderella rescued by her prince charming from the dragon of torments is still collecting her broken pieces. Her stars are shining but the darkness that surrounds them is wider. She is lost like a little girl again…this time in the realm of dreams she fashioned with her hands.

The dreamer coiled in lonesomeness far from the haven of her rainbows. The music of her soul is inconsolable…again. 

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