Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Embracing the Blessing of Survival: A Cancer Survivor’s Testimony on Triumphing Through Difficulties, Pain, and Suffering

This post is long overdue. I have been wanting to share an update but life got so busy. However, surviving cancer is an incredible journey that I knew I had to share what I went through, how I survived it, and lessons I learned after being encompassed with a whirlwind of emotions, challenges, and moments of despair. It is a battle that tests both the physical and emotional limits. However, within the depths of such adversity lies the incredible growth and a newfound appreciation for my life.

Going through the trials of cancer undoubtedly requires immense strength and resilience. Each day becomes a testament to the power of the human spirit. I remember so many times confronting fears that I never knew existed and tapping into a reserve of courage I never thought possible. Waking up in the middle of the night with a bloody nose, taking a shower and turning the water red because of nose bleed, and experiencing the worst pain possible in every fiber of my being. My husband, David, would watch me helplessly when even a gentle touch created such unbearable pain. The journey taught me to embrace my inner strength empowering me with newfound confidence.

The experience of surviving cancer shines a light on the fragility and preciousness of life. Having faced the prospect of mortality, I develop a profound appreciation for the simplest joys and everyday miracles. From simply waking up in the morning, spending time with my loved ones, and doing simple things in life.

The support I received from family, friends, and even strangers during the cancer journey was overwhelming. I was deeply touched by the kindness and compassion shown by others, which deepened my connections with loved ones and reminded me that I need to pay it forward. The experience becomes my beacons of empathy, offering solace and understanding to others facing similar challenges.

Surviving cancer has definitely a way of recalibrating my perspective on life. The trivialities that once consumed my energy and focus pale in comparison to the gift of a healthy life. I used to think that awards, recognitions, and degrees are all that matter. My life has existed largely competing with myself to be the best you could possibly be in terms of the long list of accomplishments in life. Getting sick with cancer, going through 30 radiation treatment, five surgeries, and one year of chemo, reminded me that life is short. We need to do what we love.

While surviving cancer is undoubtedly a challenging and painful journey, it is important to recognize the blessings that can arise from such an experience. It is in the crucible of difficulties, pain, and suffering that I found my true strength, learn to appreciate life's precious moments, deepen my connections with others, shift my perspectives, and inspire those around me. I emerged from the battle with a profound sense of gratitude and an unwavering determination to live each day to the fullest. I have finally completed all my treatments, and even though I need to continue taking a chemo pill/ blocker for ten years, I appreciate life's greatest blessing and that is being alive.

If you or someone you know is battling cancer, continue fighting. While roads might be difficult, life is worth fighting for.



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