Thursday, December 29, 2016

On Leisure Walk and Asian Foods

After almost two months of being reunited with my husband, it still feels so surreal waking up beside him. Today’s one of those days that I remind myself how blessed I am to finally spend the rest of my life with the man I love so much. Doing ordinary daily activities with him becomes extraordinarily special since we have waited for it for so long.

When he asked me to go for a leisure walk today, I immediately agreed despite of the chilly temperature outside. That was before we feast on the sumptuous breakfast he prepared.

The moment we went out of the house for our leisure walk, vicious wind and chilly temperature greeted us. I forgot how leisure walk turns long brisk walk to my husband! We ended up walking more than two miles with the snow blowing on our face! By the time we walked back going home, my legs were sore and I was freezing! It was still a good walk though. 

I love this traditional inn! 

That's our house with the blue sidings at the back. Looks like calm temperature in the picture but don't be deceived! 

My husband challenged me to walk on top of this pile of snow but it looks easier than doing it believe me. The snow was hard and it's so slippery!

Our day ended with a dinner at Red Wok’s buffet. This is the nearest place to us where I usually indulged myself with Asian food. My favorite of course is pancit!

I love pancit so much. It reminds me of home. 

Meal at Red Wok's always ends up with this fortune cookie! This is so true! Our routine day ended up as an enchanting escapade! Live life simply and with a thankful heart. ALWAYS. 


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