Friday, January 06, 2017

The Best Student's Letter for a Teacher

I was going through my files trying to organize them when I saw this letter of my former student. I remember getting teary-eyed when I got this from my email. It's a beautiful feeling being a teacher. One that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Sharing this as an inspiration to all teachers who work so hard out there. Everything you do is not in vain. Believe it or not, these kids, as raucous as they may seem will always have that gratitude in their hearts.

"Real education should educate us out of self into something far finer; into a selflessness which links us with all humanity."
-- Lady Nancy Astor

Dear Ms. Nina Buena-Nichols,

I am writing in the format you have taught me for the whole year last year. My English may not be perfect but I can say that my English has improved due to your endless effort to teach me. Although you are no longer my teacher, but as what I wrote in my bucket list I will always remember who you are.

Firstly, thank you for being my teacher, mother and also a friend. At first, I admit that I was not used to your teaching styles as it was still new to me. I complained a little bit, especially when you assigned us journals. I have now understood that the journal was really essential to be able to communicate to you without feeling shy or scared. Now that we aren’t required to write journals, I missed writing them. Quoting my mom, we won’t be able to appreciate something we never lost. Not to forget your speeches, it contains a lot of good lessons we need growing up. In English, you were the one who told me what I need to improve and what I need to keep up. You have helped me grow not only academically but also as a person.

Secondly, you were always so caring to our class. You would interfere with our problems as if it were yours although you have nothing to do with it. You have exceeded your duty as our form teacher by giving us extra care. When you helped us talk to the different subject teachers to adjust our schedules. I remember those times when you used to always call my name every lesson and I would complain. I know those comments were necessary to remind me to control myself. I would always have your voice in my head reminding myself to behave. We have been through a lot of fun and problems as a class. Although we are all still in one class now, it would never be the same without you.

Lastly, I would like to wish you a very happy life with your husband. I hope you can have the family you always wanted and with you experience in teaching us you will be an excellent mother. I pray that you can be healthy and happy forever. I hope all of us will get a chance to meet you again before you go to Michigan.

As you said, “You may forget me as a teacher, but I hope you remember the lessons I have taught you.” Don't worry miss, not only will we remember your lessons, we will remember that there is no better teacher we could ever ask for. Before I sign off, I know you almost cried reading this miss. I know it’s too good. hahaha.

I wish you nothing but the best !!!

Your “bestest” student,


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