Saturday, May 31, 2014

Immersed in Love

Our regular outreach program helps me to appreciate the simple happiness in life. To live with more than what you need is enough reason to live each day with a grateful heart.

I gazed in reticence at the group of students aged 12- 16 praying for little kids. The scene was almost surreal but then it was really happening. Most of them were either kneeling to level with little kids or hugging them with closed eyes praying sincerely. I was so moved that I found myself in tears while continuously clicking the camera.

To spend the Saturday with less fortunate people instead of going to the movies or playing their favorite video games may not be so appealing to most kids. But then, our students subserviently left the comfort of their homes for ministry.

It would have been just another day of going to a place where less fortunate people reside, but apparently, God has better plans when the students gave more than cookie goodies but wholeheartedly offered themselves for service.

I witnessed the ultimate act of kindness when our students started hugging the kids that they just met. They showered the children with joy by playing with them though they did not even know each other. I saw how they prayed sincerely for them oblivious of what they were wearing or how they looked. I saw how their simple gifts made their faces shine with happiness. Most importantly, I witnessed how each one was engaged in poignant moment of love.

What seemed to be more surreal probably was hearing the students say that we should do it more often and that they had too much fun.

Being immersed in this kind of situation always reminds me how most people could have so little but seem to be happier. The exultant faces of the kids there was a great reminder that contentment would always be found in the heart. Yes, we were so exhausted but we were blessed beyond words. As what the other kid said, ‘One day, I will be back and play with them again. Maybe once I have work I can help them also’. That statement of a fourth grader probably summed up our purpose of going there.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Greatly Favored and Deeply Loved (A Birthday Post)

Dear Lord,

I know that the word ‘thank you’ is so futile with what my heart really wants to convey. The immensity of the blessings you have cascaded on the day of my birthday is truly inconceivable. I could utter a prayer of thanks but I know it wouldn’t suffice.

Thank you for bathing me in the dawn of a new day suffused with hundreds of love messages sent thru Facebook, SMS, blackberry and email. Some of them were even sent at the middle of the night which really touched me beyond what words could express.

Thank you for the second surprise of the day, the birthday banner made by my roomie, Ms. Kate. Despite of our busy schedule, she found time to make that marvelous poster for me.

Kate's masterpiece. 

Thank you for the hugs and prayers upon arriving in school. One greeting is more than enough but most kids just couldn’t get enough saying one happy birthday. They were truly endearing repeatedly greeting me whenever they see me walking along the hall or in the learning center. I am truly touched with the kids’ prayers and cards and I know that your words are at work in that place.

Thank you, Lord for the chance to celebrate this day thru a simple lunch with my co- workers whose kindness embraced me since the first day that I set foot in ESIS.

Thank you, Ms. Celine for helping me with the orders. 

Thank you for the biggest surprise of the day when my ESIS family showed more their love for me in a very special way. The moment that I felt something was brewing when a co-worker delayed my going to the teachers’ office to get some stuff, then covering my eyes when finally I was allowed to go out of the English room, then the sweet singing of the birthday song and the splendid cake, the feeling that enveloped me was indescribable, I knew it was your grace at work. 

Thank you for a very special prayer of our school director and for immersing me with that warmth of sincerity and powerful words of positivity. I knew that I’ve made the perfect decision joining the ESIS family.

Thank you for the kindness and generosity of Ms. Debbie for having us in her home and concluding my special day with Mexican food for dinner.

Lastly, Lord, I thank you for another chapter of my life. I know that the road would continue to be long and arduous, but your light will be my guide. I know that there will be more failures than feats, but thank you for the courage to take a chance. I know that there will be heartaches, but thank you for the shower of love from people you send along the way. The words are ineffectual to elucidate what my heart feels, but it is your grace which sustains all my hopes, all my dreams, all my aspirations. I leave the next chapter of my life in your loving hands…

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Book, My Life: When God Made Teachers

We were all called to do different things here on earth. Our mission varies and probably, at this time of your journey, the destination is not yet fully elucidated.

However, the light of God would always sprinkle hope and faith. Thus, this book was born. The wind of faith steered me to this path and I know that the future is at hand.

My book, When God Made Teachers, elucidates my purpose of life. It gives inspiration through my various experiences as an educator. It showers love using personal convictions. It enlightens troubled souls. It pacifies fears and doubts of a learner and an educator. It seeks to give comfort when uncertainties darken hearts. It gives solace through Bible verses. It is power of words beyond explication.

Join me in my journey. Celebrate with my feats. Cry with my tribulations. Cheer for my victories. My book, my life. Soon... 

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