Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thank You...

Thank you…
for the smiles
for the tears
for the gentleness.
Thank you…
for the time
for the dreams
for the thoughtfulness.
Thank you…
For the care
For the faith
For the loyalty.
You gave me HOPE
You gave me PEACE
You gave me LOVE
You gave me LIFE…
Thank you.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sweet Ambiguity

The moon casted its glow as I trek a solitary journey. The path was murky and rock-strewn but my steps never faltered.

Stars shimmered in the distant horizon silencing the thunder of fears hammering my heart.
I stumbled upon an unseen rock but even with wounded knees, I got up with lifted chin and continued walking with unwavering faith.

The light of hope seemed so far…almost inconceivable to believe it’s reachable, but my steps continued…

There in every pace, the glimmer became brighter.

I gasped for breath, gathering more strength to continue my journey. 

The shower of light almost blinded me. The tiny flicker of hope was gone…bright arrays of sunlight signaling a dawn of a new day lit my way…no longer tiny but dazzling at its intensity.

I looked back at where I came from. Rocky roads blocked my steps but my faith never wavered.

With wounded knees, I trekked a different path this time. Still unsure what tomorrow would bring but surer than ever with my pace…


Monday, August 11, 2008

The Dance

The iridescent glow of the moon lit up the meadow.
The color of a new life coalesced with the blissful radiance.
The field- the dance hall…

Soft face rest upon sturdy shoulders
Two souls locked in harmony as the melody starts
Songs of the nightingale’s perfect
Two bodies sway in perfect timing…
The rustling of the trees brushed off qualms
The midnight dew waters thirsty hearts
The wind soothes away fears
The stars provided haven for love so unfathomable…
Time stands still
Hearts beat so fast
Souls matted
Wonderful harmony


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