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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The King's Farewell

His demise is a reminder that even a king would one day bid farewell...


Sunday, July 08, 2012

A Day of Disappointments and Sadness

Bucket of Dreams

That young girl seated on the windowsill many years ago created a dreamer in me. As I struggled for words to encapsulate my grieving heart, I was lost in trance dreaming of the world of words. A place that would bring me with endless choice of words. 

Many years after, I remained a dreamer. Though I no longer struggled for words, the brokenness lingered. However, the bottled up emotions are poured into the world of words. The gift that I will always treasure. It did not mend my wounded little heart, but it did help me to express what pained me lest I will be asphyxiated by grief. It became my pillow of comfort as I continued to dream of a better world.

Change. The only word that remains constant in this revolution of transformation. The only word which helped me accept things as they are. Strange as it may seem, things are basically the same. But, now, I am more into cherishing good memories than wallowing into pity with bitter experiences. I feel like after being a dreamer, I am now a bucket being filled generously with memories. 

My experiences as a teacher remind me everyday that I can’t remain a dreamer forever. The world is a lovely place filled with memories. They are beautifully woven together and they are right on my place of work- school.   

Thus, as I journey thru life, my bucket of memories will no longer be confined in dreams but in memories that will be brought into reality through the power of words and by INSPIRATION.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Ending the Year 2011-Welcoming 2012

A quick survey of the backyard showed unbelievable mess brought by last night's welcoming of year 2012. Scattered all over was debris of different firecrackers.

Now, it made me think… how many bothered to clean their clutters?

The past year has brought me some mess which I had difficulty cleaning. There were some mistakes which almost destroyed me but luckily by simply facing them, they were cleared out of my way. I did not escape.

There’s something odd with the way people mess things up then just simply leave them scattered encumbering the way of others. I hate to pontificate but then that is human nature I think. We mess things up expecting others to pick up the rubbishes for us.

Year 2012 is bringing a lot of promises. Some possibilities are up to my personal and professional life. But, I am sure that no matter how much I try to make everything perfect, I would not avoid clattering some mess. It is part of life and it would be up to me how to pick up the pieces and fix them again. I just hope that as I mess some things in my life, I would be strong enough to clean them up.  


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