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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Toxic Joy- The Journey to the Doctor of Jurisprudence

Two weeks seemed to just pass at a glance. Doctor of Jurisprudence started and another leaf of my life is being unfolded.

Case digest- 26 in a week!
Hundred of pages to be studied…
Endless assignments…
Nerve- wracking recitations…
Long hours of travel…

Three gruelling hours in a room full of cerebral people listening to highfalutin words (interim, Dura Sed Lex, Ignorancia Legis Neminem Excusat, Stare Decisis, and others)…

…and guilty feeling after not conforming to somebody’s opinions.


However, there is also joy.

Joy that finally I’m into the world I’ve always dreamed to be…

Joy that I’m in the process of widening my horizon…

Joy of having a chance to know people who came from different worlds…

Joy whenever studying hard pays off…

Indeed, a toxic joy. I have fallen for it head over heels. Will I make it?

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