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Saturday, December 31, 2016

I Quit!

After celebrating three New Years away from each other, my husband and I finally celebrated it together to welcome 2017. With his family, we greeted the New Year full of gratitude in our hearts.  Though our journey was not an easy one and we are still picking up the pieces of the last year, we have nothing but appreciation for the opportunity to live a life together.

We consider ourselves blessed in so many ways so on the first day of 2017, instead of making a list of new things to do, we commit ourselves to quit some negativities in our lives. The list is endless but the possibilities are infinite. 

Coincidently, the sun’s shining brightly today! A promising start of the new year.

Friday, December 30, 2016

A Little Act of Kindness

The sight was something usually unforeseen in a first world country like US. A man, shoulders hunched up while pushing a cart full of assorted stuff was obviously fighting the vicious wind and bone chilling temperature outside. My husband told me he’s homeless and whatever’s in the cart was everything he has. 

I looked at him with disbelief in my eyes. How does he survive out there during this winter? The car was in the busy road and there was no way we could stop immediately, but my husband suddenly asked if it would be fine to buy a meal for him. There were no words after that only a silent understanding because we were both emotional.

It took us a while before we were finally able to go back and the man was not in the spot where we last saw him but his cart was right in front of Arby’s. My husband went inside and it took him a while before he was back. The look on his face was enough to make us both teary-eyed. He got a simple meal and gave him a small amount of money. It may not be much but my husband told me how it made the man so emotional. Apparently, Arby’s took pity on him and allowed him to sit inside to warm himself. After he got the meal, my husband sat and talked with him for a while. 

Sometimes it takes a little act of kindness in order to help someone. My husband and I went through a lot of ordeal getting our stuff together and had it not been for people who gave us a little act of kindness, we would’ve not been able to pull through. For some people, it may be nothing but what may be small is actually a colossal act of mercy making a big difference. 

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