Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Insects of Life

I was wordless as I found myself gazing at the spectacular vista right before my eyes. Two quaint white flowers separated from the rest. The other one with fresh petals appeared magnificently proud. While the other looked wilted and…decrepit.

Why? Obviously, the insect has feasted on its beauty. It sapped the flower’s splendor that it ended up poorly dry and totally ruined. Its petals sagged and its color turned into gross yellow.

The piteous flower seemed outcast from the group of fresh leaves and the other flower. 

Strangely, it reminds me of our faith…

As we traverse life, we come across with “insects” of life. The trials and tribulations, the pains and sufferings, the doubts and uncertainties…they all erode our faith. Growing up could only mean being devoid of “unsullied” beliefs. We usually ended up like that poor wilted flower.  

The more the “insects of life” sap our will to survive the more we become bitter with the way how we view life.

Then we say, “What’s the used of believing? Life stings anyway…”

Thenceforth, we yield into melancholy and bitterness could only mean being skeptical. We call life “ugly” and hopeless. The faith totally cave in with despair.

I gazed intently with the other flower- the fresh one. Like an infant fresh from his mother’s womb, it looked wondrously full of hope. It reminds me of love and again…faith.

The “insects of life” could hammer our soul and weaken our faith but if there is love then there is hope. The fresh white flowers imply that come tomorrow a bud of new life will spring out of nowhere because of optimism and courage.

In contrast with that piteous flower we have something that it doesn’t have...love and audacity to fight against the “insects of life”. It could just stand there and accept its fate with the insect but we on the other hand can fight back and at the end become triumphant.

Don’t despair if sometimes our faith wilted…so long as love resides in our heart then life will always be beautiful…

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  1. Lovely flowers I love it. Thank you Nina for visiting and commenting my post. Have a blessed day to you.

  2. Hi Nina,
    The people who fight and survive the stings of the "insects" will walk out with a stronger faith. The people who failed, and feel that life ain't going the way they wanted, there are always "light at the end of the tunnel".

    Nice post, a very thoughtful way of looking at things.

  3. To: Joy

    Thanks for the visit. Have a blessed day too. :)

    To: Zunnur

    Yes, the more we experienced the stings of life the stronger we become.

    Trials are meant to strengthen us.

    Thanks for the visit.:)

  4. The irony of life lives in the paradox of that very life. The insects destroy our vision of a beautiful flower, but they do it to survive, live and thrive.

    The insects are also the ones that help give us the beauty of the pollinated flower. They do that also to survive, live and thrive.

    Like the insect to the flower, we live threw the destruction of our faith, only to pollinate it again and create the beauty of our existence.

    Great post!

  5. The beauty of life is with the trials because it is only through then that we will appreciate the marvel of existence.

    Thanks Bobbyboy...:)

  6. Dear Nina,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting my post!
    You write so beautifully...I have to read it several times to take all that in :)
    I will visit you again soon..
    ♥ & ((hugs))

  7. Loved this post! Thanks for checking my blog out. :) Hope you are having a good day.

  8. Thanks Jessica and Bindi...:)

  9. Beautiful analogy for life. I love how you weaved in the trials that we all face each day and applied them to a common flower. Your last line of this writing was absolutely beautiful!

  10. This is a great analogy! Thinking about the flowers really illustrates how certain people and situations can negatively affect our lives if we let them.

  11. I guess there is beauty in everything, even in the insect which destroyed your flower. I think you're right - if we have love in our hearts, then we can see the beauty in life.

  12. We should be able to identify these insects early and not let them affect our life.Instead as you rightly suggest there is enough to love & live a beautiful life.

  13. Sometimes, it is just the time in a life when the flower must wilt, and in its death, life is reborn again with joy as seeds, and then seedlings, and eventually, even more flowers. The death of that one makes many more flowers in it's place. Those insects are just trying to survive, too, after all. That said, the message isn't lost. It's wise to associate with fewer "insects" who suck us dry of energy, emotion, and joy, regardless of our faith.

  14. I love this analogy of the insect sapping the beauty. I can view those insects as negativity just as easy. Very well written. I loved it.

  15. I appreciate the insects that suck the life out of the flower. Because the flower has a chance to fight back by growing bigger and stronger. I see my own life in that analogy. Which is why I appreciate the bad. It’s made the good even better, my faith stronger, and my appreciation deeper.

  16. I really liked this analogy, and it's such an inspiring way of looking at it when you feel stressed out, doubtful and like giving up. Alot of us do wilt under the pressure of it like that flower, but we can also fight, find nourishment and allow ourselves to bloom again and I love the message of real hope and faith embedded in your post! Amazing.

  17. Beautiful post, and making me hopeful for Spring!

  18. Great post with underlying thoughts that are inspiring. Thank you

  19. The flowers may temporarily look wilted because of the insects, but they are not dead. Where there is life, there is hope. Insects or trials and hardships make us stronger and allow us to regather our energy and bloom again.

  20. You are so right. Lack of faith and trust makes life miserable and difficult. Beautiful read.

  21. That is one good analogy, of the insect sapping the beauty of the flower. I would add that this could be a helpful way to identify how we are connected to the world, nature and other people.

  22. This post is really inspiring. I've been through some struggles myself so I understand the insect sapping the flower's beauty, but it doesn't mean the flower is dead.

  23. \It's not often I stumble upon poetic words these days. Lovely.


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