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Friday, April 04, 2008

Ocean of Dreams

I walked barefooted
On the cold white terrain
The sand teased my skin
With perplexing feeling.

As if in stupor
The gaze turned to the cloudless night
The blaze of the stars burnt my eyes
The barren heart was haunted.

Hope is enervated
Spirit is exhausted
The world is empty
Littleness hid in canopy.

I stared at the specter
Sad eyes, broken psyche
Draw its fate in water
Write its desire on sands.

The beads of tears fell in water
Vast sphere washed away melancholy
Ember of suffering
Unwittingly crushed.

There in the farthest dot of the sea
A tiny glimmer sparkles
A faint glisten yet there
The horizon where is thy dream.

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