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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thirty Real-Life Lessons on My 30th Birthday

Thirty years…

Thirty years
of living a life…
of loving with my heart…
of feeling with my soul…

Thirty real-life lessons…

1. Love has no expiration date. It’s ever present. It’s stronger each day. It’s a beautiful feeling.

2. Some people are lucky to experience two different worlds. One of the world of sincerity and the other of mendaciousness, deceit and insecurities. I’ve experienced both- Yes, bitter- sweet it is.

3. Some people are enemies pretending to be friends but majority are friends- real ones if you know how to pick.

4. You would just wake up one morning, full of zeal to chase your ultimate dream. June 15 is coming; Doctor of Jurisprudence is soon to begin. And if you fail, it is okay what matters is you tried.

5. It is great to be a teacher but it’s greater if you will not stop learning.

6. At the lowest point of your life, the time where you think there’s no more tomorrow, family and real friends will always be there for you.

7. There is no such thing as best friends but real friends.

8. If you have planted only good seeds, you wouldn’t be afraid to face your future.

9. Birthdays are not date but reminders that we must cherish each day for it will never come back again.

10. Never be afraid to trust and love. If at the end you get hurt, the beautiful feeling that embraced you is worth the pain.

11. I’d rather be the one to get hurt that be the one to cause hurt. I sleep deeply that way.

12. Losing a family creates a vacuum in your heart- one that could never be filled.

13. Dream man is not “dreamed” at all nor is he planned. He would just come to your life one day and will make you realize, he is everything you want and more.

14. Future is not in our hands but we are responsible to work with what we want to happen in the future.

15. You don’t need your own kids to give motherly love, there are always kids out there waiting for your love.

16. You need to be careful of those who use Religion to create their image. It’s not what it seems to be.

17. Help is not being asked. You’ll receive it if you deserve it.

18. You don’t need to pretend to be somebody so others would love you. Being the real you would be more appreciate and loved.

19. Sincerity can not be dictated but you can start with yourself so others would be ashamed to be insincere with you.

20. It is true, you learn the lesson in a hard way but you can always lessen the burden if you’ll always do the right thing.

21. There would always be people who will put you down but just what the old adage says, “You can not put a good man down.”

22. Life is a journey. You meet people. You love them. You leave them. Then you start with new ones. However, those you love will always be in your life.

23. Sisters will always be the best. In all your failures, in all your successes, they’ll be your spectators to help you when you fall and cheer you up when you emerge victors.

24. My greatest accomplishment is not the publication of the Diamond Jubilee coffee table magazine, or the countless awards given, but being able to stand when my whole world crumbled.

25. You don’t expect anything in life. If you do, you’re opening your life to painful disappointments.

26. You don’t do things because others said it. You are the master of your life.

27. Sometimes, the realization that you’re in constant competition in life will just hit you. It’s futile. It’s a waste of time.

28. The world may not be the best place to live but life is what we make it. Either sulk or rejoice. Your choice…

29. Many people with concealed motives are out there to manipulate us. Don’t throw caution. Be wise. Wake up.

30. Fairy tale does come true. My prince swept me off my feet.
A dream is a wish your heart makes…

The world may not be the best place to live but life is what we make it. Either sulk or rejoice. Your choice…

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