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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Silent Scourge (Poem on Cancer)

My heart aches with proverbial twinge,
Indescribable pain engulfed thy spirit
Debilitating soreness transformed me into wilted point
Dismal abyss overwhelmed unspoken woe.

Moan of anguish welled out from my soul
Adversity crippled the future
Fallen hopes and must-haves faded with the coil
Entangled thoughts flooded my essence.

Hope is such a distant refuge
Safe haven uttered of deep prayer
Evil cancer- an unspoken foe
Silently metastasis and tissues torn in ragged pieces.

Life ain’t be long
Healing is such a distant word
Agony nagged thy fragility
Chemo wrenched whatever optimism is left.

Nay, body won’t succumb to trepidation
Lest I’ll be beaten by the silent cursed
Illness that plagued won’t consume me
In misery thy frail body won’t acquiesce.


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