Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Trisha's First Swimming Lesson

First of all, here's how you do it...

Dive into the water...

deep, deep down...

As in deeeeeepp...

Wow, that was hard!

But, I did it!


On my way to the deepest and the farthest part of the pool...

Wait coach, I'm thirsty and I need to drink water...(yuck!)

No!!!I'm drowning...you're so cruel coach!

Let me hold that!!!

Mommy! You've got to help me.

Tita NiƱa, stop taking pictures! Help me!

I will report you to the police. I promise that!

Oh, it's not so bad after all.:)

I'm flying!!!opppsss...I mean I'm swimming.

Wait, somebody's stalking me...

Let me hide.

Ah, so refreshing. What a marvelous summer...:)

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  1. What a wonderful feeling. See the water, and meanings emerge from within. I thank my special girl friend who when we were kids, pushed me into a river. I was struggling for life then. After which, only joy. There is a difference between those who know and those who do not. Swimming is one of no exception.

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  3. Hey you didn't stop taking pictures and didn't rescue her, lucky you, she didn't make a police report :)

  4. Hi Tita Nins,

    Nice pictorial guide on swimming :) That really excites me to try it agad. Btw, I've added this blog in my top pick so my friends could view too your child-friendly posts...

  5. Thanks for the visit again Zubli!

    Life is a series of stuggles and bountiful joys...only few are lucky enough to know the difference.

  6. Thanks Nhea for the tag and God bless too...:)

  7. Yeah, Zunnur. She did report me though to her mom...:)

  8. Hi Karl!

    That's so nice of you to visit my site. You're such a marvelous baby. I can't wait to see you.

    Hugs and kisses from your Tita Nins.:)

  9. What great pictures!!
    It is hard to choose...take pictures or rescue? Hummm

  10. what great pictures..how sweet..
    An Olympic star, I am sure..

  11. Thanks Regina and Rose...

    She wants actually to be a member of Kungfu kids. She's trying to practice kungfu now in the pool. LOL.:)

  12. Hi Nina,

    She is a brave girl and the pictures are beautiful. :-))

    BTW, you got tag. Check it out at my blog.

    Have a great week Nina!

  13. Hi Nina, thanks for your visit to my blog. I remember how much I fear of water when I first venture into it. Great pictures :)

  14. Very nice pics...the young ones have been taking lessons so this post reminds me of what I call the Saturday show...in my case, a lot of splashing but going nowhere (lol)

    BTW...love the name of the blog...

  15. Knowing the difference is wisdom, experiencing the difference due to correct choice is real magic.


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