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Monday, April 07, 2008

Why You Should Keep a Positive Spirit

I vividly remember that summer of 2007. As I received the plaque of Recognition from the school where I taught before, I was plagued with indescribable emotions because of so many uncertainties that I was facing.

Though thankful for the countless feats I received during the school year, I was filled with sadness too because I was in dilemma of where my decision would bring me.

I can not count the times I heard the statement, “You are at the peak of your career and you will just go away?” In my heart, I feared that I made the biggest mistake in my life.

I was in my comfort zone already but some inevitable circumstances led me to such pronouncement of leaving everything behind. What was doubly hard was being far from my home and my friends for five years. Needless to say, it was the biggest decision I have ever made in my entire life.

It was worsened with my health condition. I haven’t completely accepted yet my fate leaving my old job I was already beseeched with series of unfortunate events that blackened my hope of a bright future.

It was the most horrible summer I had. I couldn’t appreciate the glow of the sun because each light being showered by its rays pierced my heart. The biggest joke that could ever happen to one’s life is being diagnosed with a grave illness and the possibility of dying anytime.

However, life is good.

As I looked at my niece this morning trudging her first step on the pool for her swimming lesson, I couldn’t help but to think of the time I was hesitant too in my first steps towards the new facet of my life.

I feel grateful that I have found the key…the key of hope which helped me unlock another path of my life. 

Things are going on smoothly nowadays and I am just simply bath with convivial glow of the bright future that awaits me.

After being “officially unemployed” for two days, I was hired immediately and I now have a new job. I’ll be working on my Master's degree soon and perhaps I’ll take some law subjects also to chase my dream of becoming a lawyer. Although classes have not yet started I am finally doing something worthwhile by having my driving lesson.

There are still many unopened doors for me but now that I have the key of hope, the promises are enormous. My steps are not diffident anymore knowing that life is just a series of unlocking doors of probabilities.

Life is indeed good. 


  1. just as i was thinking of leaving my current job.. i really need to contemplate on it..

  2. "There are still many unopened doors for me but now that I have the key of hope, the promises are enormous. My steps are not diffident anymore knowing that life is just a series of unlocking doors of probabilities."

    This says it all I think! You'll do great!

  3. Hi Nina

    You are really glowing. Although don't see it personally I can read it from your words.

    Have a great day and goodluck with the new endeavour.

  4. Thanks for the visit Happy...:)

    Yes, a lot of contemplation is needed in changing the course of our life.

  5. Thanks Bobby. I wish too that I'll do great this time.


  6. Hi, Jade. Thanks a lot and hope you had great day too...:)

  7. Hi Nina,
    What a beautiful and inspiring blog you have here. Great blog!

    May all your dream come true. All the best! Take care.

  8. Hi Nina,
    Congratulations for your new job! That was really fast.
    Looks like you'll be getting busy soon once your classes start.
    I'm very glad that things are going smoothly now and wish you all the best for the days ahead. I hope that more doors will open for you to bring joy and happiness into your life.

    A post very well written, I feel like reading it from your heart, my friend and I'm touched.

  9. Very well written and nice work.

    Best wishes.


    -Liane Schmidt.

  10. To: Billy's Mom

    Thanks a lot.:)

  11. To: Zunnur and Liane

    Thanks a lot.:)


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