Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Chihuahuas Like Bathtub, too!

Chihuahuas are too small that giving them a bath could be a bit difficult. Their tiny body is not sufficient to keep their body hot so whenever we give them a bath, they shiver a lot. Then we saw dad’s Chihuahuas having fun in the bathtub so we thought of giving it a try. We never thought that Chihuahuas like bathtub, too!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Best Buffet Restaurant in Muskegon

Indulging with food always comes with guilty pleasure. However, my husband loves bringing me to buffet restaurants whenever he can since I have more choices.

First buffet restaurant that I’ve been was Golden Corral. It features mostly American cuisines but I love their crispy chicken and meat loaf. I also like Red Wok restaurant which offers mostly Chinese gastronomies and I prefer it more since they have pancit cooked similarly in the Philippines. When food is unlimited though, you need to watch your diet or else it can go out of control and you have no way but the road to 500 pounds.

Kidding aside, our last visit in Golden Corral was with dad, Dianne and their friends. It’s one of the long list of unforgettable memories I am having here in Michigan. Sharing some of our pictures.

My husband and I love food. 

Monday, January 09, 2017

Lost and Found After 23 Years

I often wondered how Facebook and other social media enable people to reconnect with their long-lost friends and families. Much more amazing is the fact that the same platform also facilitated reunion of misplaced belongings to their owners even after years of losing it. The story of my husband and how he got back his class ring through Facebook was totally mind-blowing.

Early last week, he mentioned something about his class ring which I just simply shrugged off since I never really saw it. Initially, he thought that he lost it for 25 years then realized it was only 23 years. Then after several days, he received a message from somebody.

My husband decided to cancel most of our appointments that Sunday and we just stayed home after church to make sure we didn’t miss it. However, around 7 p.m., he started getting disappointed that he did not hear anything back from him. Around 8 p.m., he received the message telling him to check our mailbox. Finally, after 23 years, my husband was finally able to hold again the ring he lost for 23 years!

You see, there are still good people out there who are willing to do something honorable without asking anything in return. Buried under snow 23 years ago and finally found it through Facebook!

Sunday, January 08, 2017

American Husband/ Filipino Wife Food Galore

As the old adage says, "The best way to the man's heart is through his stomach." My American husband however, shows in his own special way that it’s the other way around, “The best way to the woman’s heart is through her stomach.”

Therefore, we have come into agreement to feed each other at our heart’s content. The best way to do it? A mixture of American- Filipino dishes on our table.

Here's to growing fatter together!

Corn in the cob is the best part of a dinner. I love spaghetti so I got my wish and of course we both love garlic bread.

This is a complete meal for us. Cole's garlic bread is the best. 

Italian spaghetti sauce. 

As a native of the Philippines, I never thought that I would be eating corn in the cob during dinner. But, I love it!

We love weekends where my husband makes me blueberry pancakes. 

I love veggies so my husband made this egg omelette with veggies. 

My husband doesn't eat veggies so it's obvious who this belongs to. :D 

Any meat must come with gravy. My husband is the best in making it. 

Cream corn. If there's no corn in the cob, then there must be cream corn 

In about two months stay here, I have learned to make just the kind of mashed potato my husband likes. 

Yummy ham. Our fave! 

Plain rice for me and rice with cinnamon and sugar for my husband. 

Rice for my husband with cinnamon and sugar. 

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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Winter in Michigan

After living in two tropical countries, I've been asked many times how do I find the winter in Michigan. Well, despite of bone-chilling temperature when the wind blows, I love how the snow feels frozen lace on my skin. I specially love it when my husband and I can go outside and walk our dogs. This Sunday is just one of those days. After church, we took a nap and we were out for our winter walk!

My four babies. 

Dani and Zoie in their winter attire. 

My husband was forced to carry Alice because she started limping. 

With Dani and Zoie. Dani's a gift from Dad two years ago for my birthday. 

Surprisingly, the wind was not blowing so bad this time so I wasn't that cold. 

They also love our walk outside! 

Winter is beautiful in Michigan. 

Dani and Zoie loved walking on the snow! 

I love our area. Nice neighbors and great view! 

For many, snow can be such a pain. Imagine how you would scrape the snow from this car! 

My husband. 

I wish the pine trees would start to get snow all over. 

Then the unexpected happened, the snow started blowing on us! 

When it happens, it's hard to open your eyes. 

Zoie running happily. 

I need to get some rest.

Happiest Sunday ever. 

Our Sunday adventure did not end with our walk. My husband got his class ring back! It was lost about 23 years ago during winter time and a guy contacted him on Facebook this week telling him that he had it. They agreed to meet today and my husband was so disappointed when he did not hear anything back from him. At about 8:00 p.m., the guy sent a message to my husband and told him to check our mailbox. The biggest surprise of the day! My husband got his class ring back 23 years after losing it. What a blessed day. 

Thanks to Facebook. My husband got his ring back. 


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