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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Best Buffet Restaurant in Muskegon

Indulging with food always comes with guilty pleasure. However, my husband loves bringing me to buffet restaurants whenever he can since I have more choices.

First buffet restaurant that I’ve been was Golden Corral. It features mostly American cuisines but I love their crispy chicken and meat loaf. I also like Red Wok restaurant which offers mostly Chinese gastronomies and I prefer it more since they have pancit cooked similarly in the Philippines. When food is unlimited though, you need to watch your diet or else it can go out of control and you have no way but the road to 500 pounds.

Kidding aside, our last visit in Golden Corral was with dad, Dianne and their friends. It’s one of the long list of unforgettable memories I am having here in Michigan. Sharing some of our pictures.

My husband and I love food. :D

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