Saturday, January 07, 2017

Winter in Michigan

After living in two tropical countries, I've been asked many times how do I find the winter in Michigan. Well, despite of bone-chilling temperature when the wind blows, I love how the snow feels frozen lace on my skin. I specially love it when my husband and I can go outside and walk our dogs. This Sunday is just one of those days. After church, we took a nap and we were out for our winter walk! 

My four babies.

Dani and Zoie in their winter attire.

My husband was forced to carry Alice because she started limping.

With Dani and Zoie. Dani's a gift from Dad two years ago for my birthday.

Surprisingly, the wind was not blowing so bad this time so I wasn't that cold.

They also love our walk outside!

Winter is beautiful in Michigan.

Dani and Zoie loved walking on the snow! 
I love our area. Nice neighbors and great view!

For many, snow can be such a pain. Imagine how you would scrape the snow from this car!

My husband. :)

I wish the pine trees would start to get snow all over. :D

Then the unexpected happened, the snow started blowing on us!

When it happens, it's hard to open your eyes. :D

Zoie running happily.

I need to get some rest. :D
Happiest Sunday ever. :)

Our Sunday adventure did not end with our walk. My husband got his class ring back! It was lost about 23 years ago during winter time and a guy contacted him on Facebook this week telling him that he had it. They agreed to meet today and my husband was so disappointed when he did not hear anything back from him. At about 8:00 p.m., the guy sent a message to my husband and told him to check our mail box. The biggest surprise of the day! My husband got his class ring back 23 years after losing it. What a blessed day. :) 

Thanks to Facebook. My husband got his ring back. 

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