Wednesday, December 04, 2013

For Mama on Your 70th Birthday

My dear Mama,

As you read this, I am still about 1, 700 miles away from you. But, I know that you’re thinking of me since I am your favorite (As stated by M.A. when she asked you :D). I am not there which is a bit painful since tomorrow is your big day, your 70th.

I just want to say what every child must say to his/ her mother. Thank, you. Thank you for a very simple reason that I owe you who I am today. Perhaps, I did not grow up in a perfect family or raised by a perfect mother. But, the fact is, nobody did. I know that with all your difficulties in raising 11 children (8 girls and 3 boys), you have given your best. There was a time that I forgot what you did for all of us because I just simply wanted to fly out of the cage that our home represents. But, God brought me closer to you when I got so sick. I was given another opportunity to know more the mother who lost countless nights of sleeping just to be able to provide everything that we needed.

One fond memory I could remember is our travel together going to Legazpi for my scholarship. You told me then, be somebody so nobody would step on you. Probably, that is why you worked so hard for our education. Remember how when you were gone for several days because of work, you arrived that night discovering that we had our NSAT the next day. Immediately, you gave us money to buy things that we needed and snacks during the test. That somehow inspired me and could probably be the reason why I became the top of the test. Yes, you used to nag us too much but don’t worry, I understand now what are those for. They made me who am I today and probably who will I be in the future. 

There are many more reasons why I must be thankful for having you as our mother. You see, despite of all the intricacies raising so many children entail, not one of us was given away. Yes, you had your shortcomings but we had too you know, as your children. What matters most is that you tried your best. You did not give up on us. Whenever one of us fails, you remain steadfast on your resolve to understand and just simply forgive.

Yes, makulit ka. Minsan masungit. Most of the times you talk too much. But, you are our mother and we owe you all our accomplishments. You cry so easily which sometimes irk us, but, it also shows your compassion. I know you miss already being tickled by me, just wait and 10 days more you’ll experience it again (with vengeance :D).

On your 70th birthday, I want to wish you a longer life. We will lose the light if you leave us so be mindful of your diet. With all your imperfections, there will never be another mother like you who raised eleven children without giving up in all the difficulties. Thank you, Ma for my life and I will be forever indebted to you.

Happy birthday, Ma. I miss you and I love you. See you in ten days. 

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