Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Two Pockets

The setting was the classroom and I was still the teacher. Well, I thought so. Until a strange feeling enveloped me as I looked at the beaming faces in front of me. I watched in awe at the last paper I dropped in the transparent ‘pocket’ as it fell on the floor. One of my students clapped and others followed suit. I was momentarily perplexed of what was happening- I WAS A STUDENT of grade one kids.

It was one of those 'teacher moments’ that I realized while reading a story entitled, ‘Two Pockets’, to my grade one students that they simply couldn’t understand. Despite of explaining some difficult words and showing visual aids, there’s this language barrier which somehow hinders them from being fully condensed by the message of the story. I felt a bit frustrated but I tried even harder by explaining difficult words and asking somebody to translate in Bahasa.

Thereafter, I saw the transparent ‘pockets’ sticking out of the clear folder. I grabbed two and turned my back then cut the bottom part of the other one. What happened next was way too fast. Students wrote bad things about their classmates; bully, noisy, mean, naughty and so on. Then another paper was passed this time for good things; kind, nice, honest, quiet, respectful and so on. I separated the two into two piles.

I dropped the first pile of the positive notes to Pocket A with no hole. They stayed right there. But, students still couldn’t get it. Then, I started dropping the second pile of negative notes to Pocket B with hole. One by one, the papers fell. The student with the most difficulty in English language started clapping his hands while others followed suit. He exclaimed with utmost innocence. “Oh, that. You keep the good things ya, Ms. Then, you throw the bad things?” I smiled and started picking the papers from the floor. I tore them into tiny pieces and said, “Yes, they belong to the trash bin.” Then, I threw them in.

So, tonight I utter a prayer of thanks for being a ‘student’ even just for a day. By keeping two pockets with a hole and one with none, I learned to let go of the bad things that came my way today. I've placed all the pains and disappointments in the pocket with a hole. That way, I only have the good things which are enough to keep me in deep slumber.

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  1. Must be interesting being a teacher. You need the patience of Job but it is also rewarding.

  2. Kristine Nicole AlessandraMarch 04, 2019

    What a fantastic way to teach kids to focus on the positive! I salute your dedication to your work. It is not easy being a teacher!

  3. Being a teacher must be so hard but also so rewarding at the same time x

  4. Teaching is not an easy job. I have experienced this in my life. You're doing a great job. Be strong and keep up the good work

  5. Teaching is a very very hard job. It is very hard to be a teacher. My sister is a teacher in south CA from her I know that. Keep up your great work.

  6. I imagine being a teacher is difficult at times, but it sounds so rewarding when students finally understand what they are being taught. Nice blog post! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Geraline BatarraMarch 06, 2019

    Being a teacher is such a very hard task. I salute you for that, keep it up.


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