Friday, August 23, 2013


Written by my youngest sister from one of our sisters. :)


I rummaged to an old stack of documents and letters earlier and I found one I considered to be my most prized possession. 

A letter from one of my most fave sister, I was in a convent when she sent me the letter dated Oct.6, 2001. She was working in Malaysia. 

The first part says; 

"Dearest Candy, 

I've been wanting to write you for a long time. For you alone. How are you? The truth is I don't know a damn thing about you. If truth be known, I can't really understand you. It's like you're from another world, different from mine. I regret that I never bother to reach out and seek your world. Maybe, if I was a better sister I could prevent what happened but being selfish and cold I let you down..." 

At the mid part of the letter she told me that 'Eternity' by Robbie Williams was playing and she dedicates it to me. 

The song goes like this: 

by Robbie Williams 

Close your eyes so you don't fear them 
They don't need to see you cry 
I can't promise I will heal you 
But if you want to I will try 
I'll sing this somber serenade 
The past is done 
We've been betrayed 
It's true 
Someone said the truth will out 
I believe without a doubt in you..." 

She asked me to try to understand the lyrics, I obeyed her after 12 years. 

Only now I realized that the letter she sent me helped a lot more than anyone can whenever I needed reassurance in life. 

Some of us, like me, lived in our own little world. But what's important is that we are willing to share it to those who care enough to be part of that silly little world. 

To my sister, you know who you are, remember the letter? It was appreciated and treasured. 

Looking forward to seeing and spending time with you. So many things happened but one thing remains, we are connected by our own blood and that 'something' that only you and I can understand. 

I love you :) 


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