Saturday, March 01, 2008

Why am I Blessed?

After several days of having on and off fever, I ended up with bulky eyes, sore throat because of endless sneezing, aching body, throbbing head and red stuffy nose. Yet, I feel so…blessed.

Yes. You’ve read it right. I feel simply blessed.

I’ve learned that each day I live is something that I should be thankful for. After all, once in my life I was told that I might not live another day. But, I am here basking in another dusk of a new day.

Actually, there are more reasons why I should be grateful. You see, it seems that aside from my family I don’t run out of people who continuously shower me with love and prayers.

Just this morning, I’ve read several messages wishing me a great and healthy day from friends in cyber space and from my former co-teachers and pupils. They were enough to lighten up my day.

In addition, I received a very touching call from another friend while I was dozing off at noon time. It was an overseas call but it lasted for such a long time that I feared her bills might be as high as the sky. Yet, it seems that she doesn’t mind a bit.

What’s more special with the call is that she was so generous even to the point of offering me something which I never dreamed of hearing from somebody who’s a complete stranger. I have not met her yet in person.

She’s based abroad but she became a good friend for such a short time. She was so concerned with my health that it was as if I was listening to advices from my own mother.

My blessings did not end with that call. I was out this afternoon (albeit of cough and colds) to withdraw in ATM since it’s usually offline during Sundays. Obviously, I was not feeling well so the one who was first in the line graciously gave way to me. A simple act of kindness but greatly appreciated.

My heart has been touched ineffably by people closed to my heart…and unexpectedly by complete strangers who were seemingly uninterested to who am I but concerned nonetheless with my welfare.

So, you see, I am indeed blessed. 

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"The greatest mistake one can ever tolerate is giving unconditional love and being faithful even if others won't return the same immensity of feelings given."

"Happiness is achieved thru acceptance not expectations."

"The sunset is lovely when one is lonely. The sunrise is meaningless when one is depressed. The sunset hides the pain while the sunrise exposes one’s vulnerability…”

"A rose symbolizes the beauty of life. As it withers, the hope dies too..."

"Life's crossroads will sneak in your life like a theft in the night..."

"The ember of inspiration bubbles from within lit by passion to create something."

"Only the heart can convey what happiness really means."

"Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal..."

"Nothing happens unless first a dream."

"It is good to have an end to journey; but it is the journey that matters."

"It is not length of life, but depth of life."

"Life's nook and corner are always full of surprises."

"What you are longing for is longing for look for it!"

"Treasure the times you laugh not the times you cry."

"Count the times you stand not the times you fall."

"Bursting out laughing is like a relief from tremendous suffering."

"Why ask why, when you can ask how?"

"Growth is a process of trial, error and experimentation."

"Life is just a matter of perspective."

"Life is all about making a difference...and I intend to do a big one in my life."

"Wrapped in grief is the gift of joy."

"Decisions are not always perfect but then what matters is that we need to stand firm for what believe will give us more fulfillment."

"You only have a right to criticize if you know how to do the job perfectly. Otherwise, being quiet is better than uttering nonsense."

"Love is a risk, only those who are brave have happy endings."

"Those who put you down the most are the most insecure with you."

"Greediness is the greatest hindrance to success."

"Kindness will only grow if it is nurtured."

"Some things happened without explanation but definitely there are reasons."

"Only parents can cause irreparable damage. A friendly reminder: Learn how to handle with care."

"To forgive is not easy but to carry the load of hatred is more difficult."

"After the storm, no matter how battered you are, your tears will always get dry when the sun rises."

"There will never be a positive news to a person who sees nothing but negative things."

"It's hard to pretend everything is right when in fact, everything is wrong."

The real essence of competition is not in winning but in fighting fairly.

Students think that tests are only difficult to take. Well, it's also hard to make!

Love...for it to grow needs to be nurtured with time and care.

Hold on to the truth of your words. It's hard to get them back.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Garden Photos

Interfaith Rally on the Go

Early this morning, I readied myself for my check up in Manila. However, the morning news showed that some roads were closed and classes were suspended in anticipation for the big protest set today against the Arroyo administration.

Since I was not in shape to face today’s adversity, I opted to cancel my doctor’s appointment and decided instead to just take a rest.

Clad in long shirt, pajamas and socks, I was on bed the whole day wrapped with comforter still burning with on and off fever. But, as usual it didn’t stop me from updating myself with what’s happening in Manila. With my inhaler stuff in my nose, I’ve kept myself posted with events that might overthrow the current government by watching TV.

I was amazed with the throng of protesters marching in the streets. It seems that Filipinos are about to make another history of People Power 3. Thousands joined and though the police tried to put barricades in some roads it didn’t stop the group to multiply in number.

Most of those present are youth shouting for truth. They walked out from their schools which did not suspend classes. Former presidents Cory Aquino and Joseph Estrada also participated in the said mass actions.

The different groups converge in Ninoy Aquino monument. I wonder why not in Edsa which was a historical place where peaceful revolution was held that toppled two administrations- Marcos and Estrada.

The Arroyo government is in big dilemma because of controversies that surround the China ZTE Broadband Deal. It was later on worsened with Jun Lozada’s expose’ about bribery and corruption involving the first couple and other top government officials.

Last February 19, MalacaƱang palace held the Unity Walk participated in by cabinet officials to show their support to the Arroyo administration. It was sort of affirmation that the members of the president’s government remain loyal to her.

The search for truth and accountability continues. With all the things going on now, it makes me wonder if the president will make it this time. She has been through a lot of controversies since she took over the office from the ousted former president Estrada.

From the legitimacy of her presidency to alleged cheating in election and now this issue involving her and the first seems that her hands are full catching stones being thrown by oppositions.

Like a wounded animal, the fiercer she becomes. Having been called “evil” by Neri and “bitch” by a congressman, she remains tough in her speeches. The air of authority remains and there is that silent confidence as if saying, “This too shall pass”.

If only the witnesses are not being backed up by people who are against the government and really clean morally (Lozada can not answer if indeed he has another family), maybe I’ll be joining too in the street. But, one must not judge easily for those who cast stones are obviously sinners as well.

I pray for my country not to anybody else hoping this too she would survive.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sick, Tired, and Depressed

I am sick…yeah, right. I got infected with bugs.

My throat hurts, my eyes are red and watery, my feet are cold and clammy and practically all the cells of my body are throbbing with pain.

By mid- afternoon yesterday, my fever was 39.5 degree Celsius that I felt like my skin was being pierced with hot needles. I was reminded of the exact feelings I had right after my surgery last June. When another bag of blood for transfusion was attached to one of my IV’s, I felt like the pain skyrocketed when my fever broke to 40 degree Celsius.

It was a long battle with countless injections for skin tests and later on being administered with antibiotics thru endless needle pricks. I was shaking uncontrollably that I thought it would be my end already. Well, thankfully I survived.

My only consolation yesterday was I didn’t go through the same torment with endless shots from nurses and doctors. I wrapped myself with double comforter and took lots of fluids to help my aching throat then finally I drifted off to sleep.

The fever was on and off that I succumbed again to self- pitying.

After sleeping for almost the whole afternoon, I woke up still feeling worst. My eyes were so red that I got scared staring at them. The power of the almighty bugs…

When the girls arrived from school, I could hardly talk because my voice sounded like a croaking crow. Yeah, that bad.

I opted to stay in the room and ate there my dinner. Well, I could hardly swallow the food. Everything tasted like medicine…and I abhor it because it has been my companion for many months now.

My whole system crumbled that it feels like I’m falling again in a shady crater of pain and agony. So bad…

Like a good patient that I am, I avoided computer for as long as I could so as not to cause too much strain with my red eyes. I was able to bear ignoring the computer only the whole day yesterday and last night. That explains why I wasn't able to write anything for the blog.

However, it seems like the lure of computer is so strong that here I am again hitting the keyboard with all my might.

I missed Friendster, Blogspot, Bloglogs, Infowars, and other sites. So, I’m trying another medication now…the “drugnet” of the cyberspace. Maybe it’ll do the magic of healing.

Kidding aside, the past days felt like a horrible nightmare. My whole body was aching and in deep longing to be healed. In addition, the purplish bruise on my arm which was the result of regular laboratory tests the other day was also shouting for my attention.

I squirted fountain of virus all over the room by endless sneezing. So you could just imagine how painful my throat was with the efforts I needed to exert in spraying the power of the bugs. They owe me a lot for this.

Getting sick usually brings me this unspeakable desperation for being indisposed. I loathe the feeling of being unproductive…not that I am really prolific now. After all, I’ve been out of work for many months already after getting seriously ill early last year.

I hope the reign of the bugs won’t last for long. I can only sustain their clout for a short time. They didn’t give me a notice before invading my body…

Just like everything that happened in my life, this illness is beyond my control. It only proves that I am human…I can’t tell what will happen next in my future.

Let it be…the sun will shine soon and bath me with a new dawn of a healthy life. 


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