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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Why am I Blessed?

After several days of having on and off fever, I ended up with bulky eyes, sore throat because of endless sneezing, aching body, throbbing head and red stuffy nose. Yet, I feel so…blessed.

Yes. You’ve read it right. I feel simply blessed.

I’ve learned that each day I live is something that I should be thankful for. After all, once in my life I was told that I might not live another day. But, I am here basking in another dusk of a new day.

Actually, there are more reasons why I should be grateful. You see, it seems that aside from my family I don’t run out of people who continuously shower me with love and prayers.

Just this morning, I’ve read several messages wishing me a great and healthy day from friends in cyber space and from my former co-teachers and pupils. They were enough to lighten up my day.

In addition, I received a very touching call from another friend while I was dozing off at noon time. It was an overseas call but it lasted for such a long time that I feared her bills might be as high as the sky. Yet, it seems that she doesn’t mind a bit.

What’s more special with the call is that she was so generous even to the point of offering me something which I never dreamed of hearing from somebody who’s a complete stranger. I have not met her yet in person.

She’s based abroad but she became a good friend for such a short time. She was so concerned with my health that it was as if I was listening to advices from my own mother.

My blessings did not end with that call. I was out this afternoon (albeit of cough and colds) to withdraw in ATM since it’s usually offline during Sundays. Obviously, I was not feeling well so the one who was first in the line graciously gave way to me. A simple act of kindness but greatly appreciated.

My heart has been touched ineffably by people closed to my heart…and unexpectedly by complete strangers who were seemingly uninterested to who am I but concerned nonetheless with my welfare.

So, you see, I am indeed blessed.

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  1. It's good to count our blessings daily. May you have more blessing to come. Stay strong and keep smiling. :-)


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