Monday, August 12, 2013

Architect of Hope (Oratorical Piece)

(One of the oratorical pieces I wrote back in the Philippines for the LPU Inter- High School Competition.)

Architect of Hope

Third world country. Most corrupt government in the world. These seemingly nexus of loaded negativity hurdled the advancement of economy of the Philippines. The ubiquitous presence of bad omen was thrown like vultures in the society that destroys the image of our country in the whole world.

The furtherance of the quality of education has always been the thrust of any educational institution especially that of higher portals of learning. After all, what defines a society is the eminence of instruction which consequently could define what kind of future the country would have. LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES UNIVERSITY. It Leads. It Transforms. It Defines the Future of Education.

Though our country has been under the havoc of various regimes, and never found stability with a range of aspects of its political resilience, one University has not lost its eye on achieving its goal. Lyceum of the Philippines University aims- society heeds the call. Be recognized internationally not with the cynicism that history of corruption and despondency stained our country’s name but with excellence the University has lived for.

The university indeed cultivates excellence. LPU thrives high in the field of global distinction- with its wide range of scope of experience in transforming the students into globally competitive individuals no matter how diversified cultures are. The university is the link that waves magic to make the image of country’s graduates a hallmark of excellence.

With the University’s collaborate efforts in sustaining quality in other parts of the orb; graduates are being assured of a brighter future in the global arena. We are no longer the “domestic helpers” being defined in a dictionary. We would be inventors of the correct praxis that would stir our beloved country into a more decent future.

Being the source of future professionals of the globe, LPU has leaped out of the corners of our country opening wide array of opportunities to every Juan dela Cruz longing for change. Lyceum University of the Philippines encapsulates the very essence of sustaining the networks and linkages through its various acts of international activities.

Hail to LPU, architect of hope.  

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