Friday, March 14, 2008

The N95 Dilemma

Shayne, my 15-year-old niece, is having an early black Friday.

Last night, she made Trisha cry and was slamming everything at home. The pitiful girl fell asleep hugging her pillow with remnants of tears on her cheeks.

To make the matter worst, she woke up this morning with hoarse voice because of crying for a long time.

The reason? Here…

…the N95 cell phone which made her totally freak out.

It was just the other night when Shayne was told by her dad that her mom has this new gadget. As always, Shayne wants it for herself.

For some reasons, her mom and dad didn’t give in easily this time- much to Shayne’s chagrin.

After all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with her current cell phone...

The girl is thinking that she deserves a reward for a job well-done in school this year. But, N95 series? The girl must be dreaming…

Her dad told her that she needs to earn it. How? They're still contemplating on it.

Meanwhile, the ill-tempered Shayne continue her sour mood and I opt to be in the safe side by staying quiet so as to avoid a total chaos at home…may I have enough patience to endure her tantrums this time.

This will be my own cross for the Lenten Season.



  1. She reminds me of my own bratty self. I have the tendency to get or ask for my own my mom's things.
    I only stopped when she couldn't take it anymore and she got mad.
    But sometimes, I still have the tendency.

  2. Haha I remember myself when I was young and now my son..Dying to have Wii as..Daddy is game fanatic too so we adjourn to have it. Thank you for adding in Blog Catalog. Visit my site sometimes. Have a great weekend

  3. I like your blog. nice to meet you. thanks for all.

  4. To Piebuko:

    LOL. I guess we all go through that stage where we think we can get everything we want.

    Moms and Dads must have lots of restrain.

    Thanks for dropping by...:)

  5. To: Joy and Swadhin

    Thanks a lot for visiting this site. :)


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