Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Life as an Aunt

For the past few days, my brain munched and gulped down for breakfast, lunch and dinner the words such as congruence, angles, perpendicular, Pythagorean, electronegativity, meitnerium, darmstadtium, ununquadium, one plus one, two and three letter- words, parts of the body, kennel and months of the year.

They made me rolled my eyes, clasped my hands tightly and uttered silent prayer of forbearance. I guess having six-year-old and 15-year-old girls at home was enough to put you on the occasional brink of losing your sanity.

It’s almost the end of the school year so it’s no wonder why the house was in total chaos. My two nieces, Shayne and Trisha are completing their final requirements in school and examination is one of them.

Of course, since it would be the last it only means burning midnight oil if they don’t like to be in the same level next year- Shayne is in 9th grade and Trisha is in Senior Kindergarten.

It felt like I’ve been blasted from the past with their lessons. I’ve been so tough with them that after long days of studying, they now have big circles around their eyes.

The girls seemed to have finally recovered from their ordeals. But after being bombarded with 9th grade and kindergarten lessons, I think I’ve suffered with “study lag” and my brain swirled and twisted.

Trisha’s shriek of laughter in the darkness of the house tonight finally made me realized that it’s indeed over. The power interruption which lasted for almost an hour gave me some time of fun with her while Shayne worked with the help of the candle on her book reports.

I tickled her relentlessly until such time that she was rolling on the floor with laughter. It was like music in the ears. It actually means that she doesn’t think of me anymore as monster after those tough hours of studying.

Her laughter also reminded me of the things that I should be grateful for. Having them in my life is actually a blessing.

Here are the top ten hilarious and touching things I have gleaned from spending a year with the two girls:

1. As their tiny limbs hug you, you will realize what a blessing is.
2. Good times mean teasing, bantering words, and PESTERING me.
3. Kids fall asleep better when you tell them, “Good night, sweet dreams, see you tomorrow, God bless, and I love you both”. I’ve been saying that practically every night and whenever I fail to do so, they would wake me up and won’t stop harassing me unless I say it.
4. They want milk whenever we ran out of it.
5. Kids are the most honest creatures. They’ll call your visitor ugly without blinking of an eye.
6. Quiet nights mean tickling, tickling and endless tickling. They seemed not to run out of energy.
7. Kids considered anybody who’s “cute” for them as their "boyfriend".
8. They imitate and buy everything they see in television.
9. Going to the church means lecture- not from the priest but from me.
10. Wearing the same color and style of dress like them is enough to make them giggle the whole day.

The big toothless grin, the shriek of laughers that echoed in the house, the warm hugs from tiny limbs…the veil of innocence. Now, those are real happiness...right?

Happy hugging of your angels... 

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  1. Since new here: What a lovely way getting to know you and how nice to see the girls studying so well - I'm sure your a great supporter.

    Go on have fun and I send my greetings all the way from Norway!

    Thanks for the add at BC - now you are welcome over to my part of the world :-)

  2. Gorgeous kids--all of them!! :)

    And you are so right with your list...my kids always want milk the most when we are out of it, too! And we, too, have a bedtime saying that I must say to the kids before shutting their door for the night--if I forget to say it...or, if I say it wrong...they don't let me leave the room. Kids are so funny, aren't they?

    Great post!

  3. To Rennyba:

    Thanks a lot for dropping by. I'm a tough supporter that is. LOL.

    It's fun being a doting aunt but also very taxing. You know, I need to be a kid and a teen-ager at the same time. Ugh!!!

    Best regards...


  4. To Michelle:

    Oh, yes. They're so funny and...odd. LOL.

    The root of our arguments always start with milk. I learned my lessons now. I buy a can of milk even if the other one is still full. That saves me a lot of trouble.

    I also saved in my cp reminder about our midnight routine. I say it exactly 9 pm every night so that they won't make me up whenever I fall asleep.

    One should be wiser to these little fellas sometimes...:)


  5. Cute kids!
    God has blessed you.
    Maybe we can exchange links.

  6. Thanks for the visit Lance...:)



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