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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Heart’s Wishes

As I lay daydreaming 
In the comfort of the room 
I thought of your sad face 
So serious and forlorn. 

Beads of tears ran down my cheeks 
So swiftly I couldn’t get a grip 
My heart ached with your pain 
Your sorrows so deep I couldn’t bear.

My heart wished it could express better the depth of care 
Or utter it painstakingly until you could feel 
The cries of love might be loud enough for you to hear 
Oh, I wish…how I wish… 

Thy heart speaks of longing so ardent 
To caress your face to cuddle your head 
The ember of love may light up your face 
And let loose of that pain so intense. 

I wish my love could cradle you 
Hug your spirit and lulled you to a tranquil sleep 
I wish in dreams you’ll forget your worries 
Into the dreamy wonderland may your worries vanish. 

My heart wished as you gaze up at the stars 
You’ll see the brightest one I sent and painted with love 
May it sooth your heart and thy plight afar 
Oh, I wish…how I wish… 


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