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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Suffering in Different Forms

 Lifeless little body
Of a boy about eight
Lying on a pavement
Covered with newspaper
To conceal dreadful veracity
Eyes wide open
Died of hunger.

A girl sobbing
Cradled in her mother’s arms
The father was taken
Conundrum engulfed them
Sufferers of war
Dreams shattered
Family viciously ruined.

Heroes weep
Lonely in the dessert
Happiness devastated
Hugging and loathing their armors
Their only companions
Far from their little kids
Near their deaths.

A mother’s wretchedness
Remote from her son
Embracing his memoirs.
Then his casket is brought home
Emblazoned with patriotism
But her only cry
Enfold the man she borne into her loving arms.

Ethereal wishes flake apart
The soul was shorn of
The trappings of power victors
Disconsolate dreamers
Thrown in abysmal abyss
War, poverty, power…
The dawn of hope is gone.


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