Monday, January 14, 2008

One Blessed Day

I woke up that day bathed with sunlight piercing through the blinds of the windows. I stared at the two angels sleeping peacefully in my two sides and hugging me tightly, Trisha and Shayne, my nieces who were entrusted under my care by their parents.

Their faces have that hint of smiles as if they were being lulled into the dreamy wonderland by unknown cherubs. Beautiful feelings embraced my heart.

Later that morning, as I was walking in the yard I smelled the sweet fragrant of the flowers. Some just opened their buds. Yellow, red, pink flowers and green leaves adorned what was once a vacant lot. What a beautiful sight!

As I sat on the grass still wet with morning dew calmness engulfed me. It felt like heaven.

I looked up at the white skies and I could feel a bright promise for my future. It was an amazing sight with flock of birds flying in harmony. As if an unknown melody beckoned them to fly in one direction only.

Then my gaze turned to a tiny spider working on its web. Slowly, he was able to complete it. It was a marvelous vista! One that won't equal to the most beautiful computer graphics ever created. A tiny being building something for its survival. Can't it be an inspiration to all of us?

The ants caught my full attention, too. They were awe- inspiring with their endless pursuit of hard work. Each one a part of the completion of the task. One that signifies not only industriousness but also unity.

I walked farther in the village. I was momentarily taken aback with mother animals protecting and taking care of their young. I was touched beyond details. What a mother wouldn't do for her kids!

The day ended so fast. I couldn't get enough of appreciating the panorama of wonders around me. The sun set came and darkness surrounded my silent reverie but not before I had a final glance to the turbulent shower of red, blue and black skies. It was simply magnificent!

As I tucked in the two kids that night to sleep, I uttered a silent prayer. A gratefulness from the bottom of my heart... for that one blessed day...

My Daily Prayer

"Lord, thank you for bathing me in another dawn of a blessed day. May I have today a grateful heart to value the wonders of the world you've created for us. May I also find the humility to pause for a moment and be appreciative of the things that won't equal to material things offered by the fancy world I live in. May I continue to grow in accordance with what you planned me to be, not to shrink to the ground but to soar high like an eagle."

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