Friday, January 18, 2008

Kill the News!

Corruption, terrorism, inflation, accident, massacre, squatter’s demolition, salvage, shoot out, robbery, and to top it all- destabilization. This comprises 99% of the news being aired live everyday and being watched by people of all ages- including children.

I couldn't help but to wonder though, are we really that deep in the dirt already that these giant networks could not find anymore positive news to broadcast?

News means negative stories. That's the new definition I could think of. Does it mean that most people enjoy watching messy Philippines? Well, if they aren't how come their ratings just keep on going up?

The fire in the journalists' face was very evident brought by the adrenaline coursing through their body while telling stories of horrible deaths, hundreds left homeless, millions in the pockets of the politicians, bleak economy, and robbery of power.

Balance news means 10% each of the above mentioned favorite source of news stories. Is this the world I've trained for my young journalists? Too bad.

In addition, advertisements mean airing back and forth accusations against each other with the two giant networks...what else? Cheating!

Great! Another excellent news idea. Now, I can give 5 % for this and maybe deduct 5 % from shootout and that makes it 100% bunch of filth. Now, they can already insert the news about the endless cases they've filed against each other.

Gone is the lyrics of the song "What a Wonderful World"...

"The colors of the pretty the sky

Are there on the faces.... of people...going by

I see friends shaking hands.... sayin… how do you do

They're really sayin...*spoken*(

I hear babies cry... I watch them grow
*spoken*(you know they’re gonna learn

A whole lot more than I'll never know)

And I think to myself ...what a wonderful world."

Louis Armstrong's song was "murdered" by these networks...bad news!

I made a promise tonight...I will never watch news again. I don't like to feed myself with lies, deceit and dirt before my dinner. Kind of hard to digest in the stomach...

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