Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Why Faith is Important

Faith is the sole driving force with which things deemed impossible become feasible. The lack of it cannot be attested to a weak belief but merely an affirmation of our human frailties.

To say that my faith has never faltered would be a lie. Many times, I found myself grappling for control as my faith slowly crumbled. However, it was also in faith that I have found the strength to hope that things will happen in accordance with His will.

My 2015 was welcomed with a test of faith when I first talked about getting married. Majority of what I heard was dissuasion and utter disbelief in what David and I were about to do. I was disheartened but remained steadfast with my conviction to do what I felt was right. They said it was too early. David and I answered, we were too in love.

When we started the process, we realized it would be impossible to get married here in Jakarta because of so many requirements. Neither could I go home and get married there since I needed to stay for ten days and I could not leave school for that long. Still, he was so sure we would be able to get married. I asked for the help of a friend since they know some pastors (Only Religious ceremony is allowed here). In turn, my friend asked another friend. We were unaware that ‘friend’ she asked actually lived in the same building of the apartment that David rented. Coincidence or not, the rest is history. She and her husband took care of our counseling schedule, the church, and our baptism.

But, my faith started to waver again when four days before my wedding, I have not received yet my papers from the Philippines. We could not book the hotel for reception nor we could confirm the invitations. Three days before the wedding, my papers were delivered in school but it would be too late to bring in Philippine embassy. The following day Thursday, I finally got to bring my papers in the embassy with a sad news. I would be able to get it Monday. I frantically begged for it to be released the following day since our wedding was Saturday. Apparently, God really wanted the wedding to push through because my papers were released a day before the wedding. We bought my wedding dress Friday night and booked the hotel Friday afternoon. Thanks to some friends who stayed and prayed with us during the difficult process.

That magical moment when everything ceased to exist and I was only aware of my husband’s gaze will forever be embedded in my heart. When I saw his tears, I thought of how his faith helped us to be strong. On that day, I felt everyone’s happiness for us. On that day, I saw how our faith helped us to make our dream a reality. When he enveloped me with his arms, I was reminded of how faith can move mountains.

Perhaps, it was also that faith which helped us to be stronger as we faced the daily struggle of the long battle to finish the processing of my papers so we could be together. When one of us starts to break down, one remains strong.

Nine months after our marriage, my husband and I celebrated our first Christmas and New Year as a married couple- about ten thousand miles far from each other.

It’s probably the saddest thing that could ever happen to a husband and a wife who just tied the knot. When the dawn of realization finally hit us that we wouldn’t be able to spend the holiday as planned, we were both devastated. The circumstances were doubly hard for me since I have never spent Christmas or New Year away from home.

The celebrations were definitely different this year. My husband and I had two Christmases and New Years together- his and mine at different side of the world. During Christmas while my husband was reading a Bible verse from Daily Bread, we finally broke down. The heart is hard to console when faith is at its lowest point. But, God has held our hands for too long so we took comfort knowing that.

When we ended year 2015, my husband and I both uttered a prayer. We know that we don’t have control of how long or what other difficulties we might encounter before we could be together. Faith however whispered to us, so long as we believe, it will happen. Fate made us as one and faith will bring us infinity and beyond.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Magnificent Nature (Poem)

By Lawrys Erren
Sec 2 Victory

Silence, Peace,
It was all that you could feel in the breeze.
It is what basically nature is,
All full of joy and bliss.

Flowers dance delightfully,
Like little children filled with glee.
Bunny rabbits come out of their burrows,
Hopping around no trace of sorrows.

Old trees stand tall,
Towering above them all,
Providing protection
Oh, yes, like a mansion.

Animals protect their kind,
It will blow your mind
With teamwork and skill.
Sad, we kill them still.

Don’t you see?
Nature is magnificent,
Yet, we ruin and destroy
A gift given to us all.

(One of the poems written in my Literature class by a Secondary 2 student.)

An Outstretched Hand (Poem)

By S2 Zeal 

Love never ran deeper or stronger than when 
It gushed not from the fountain of brother nor friend 
Love is best when it falls from the sky, or is found in the sand 
Love is best when it’s mercy from a stranger’s outstretched hand. 

Once was a day when I found myself wanted 
Memories good of my past are now haunted 
The hands of a friend, are twice evil when used 
Betraying, to point and to taunt you, ashamed and abused. 

Sadness is nothing, yet nothing is sadder 
Than a person cast to the wind, as they didn’t really matter 
The insufferable pressure certainly tore me apart 
A bitter rotten apple core, I call it my heart. 

Imagine my surprise, when my “friends” came one day, 
About to treat me like rubbish meant to be thrown away 
When you swooped in and stopped them, after a while 
Pulled me back up to my feet, and then gave me a smile. 

It really wouldn’t have troubled you, only me 
To turn around, to look away, pretending not to see 
Lo and behold, you didn’t, but instead, like a gleaming treasure out of sand 
Came to my aid, called me by my name, and took me by my hand. 

(Composed by my talented students from Sec 2- Zeal spearheaded by Rafael.)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Letter from my Special Student

This is how I want to be remembered as a teacher when I die obviating the word 'beautiful' and other physical descriptions. This is why I teach...the words may not be written there but I know that teaching is a gift and it is a privilege to be part of the life of every student. Thank you, Justin. 

(Unedited feature article from one of my Journalism students.) 

Her name is Ms. Nina. She is a teacher in my school. She teaches English and Creative Writing. She comes to my class every day. Every student always follow her lessons enthusiastically.

Ms. Nina is at her early thirties. I think she is about 35 years old. She is very slim, and has average height. I think she is about 155 c.m. Her hair is long, black and straight. But, what people like from her is her white complexion.

She is very nice, attentive, and dedicated. I have liked her since the first day she came to my class. She has been teaching us for two months, and helping us to learn new materials. We don't have difficulties in learning the subjects because she teaches us well.

She knows her students well. She always gives us school assignments, and checks our works carefully. When a student makes many mistakes, she understands that she needs to help him. She will come to his table and explain the material one by one.

The material in the new semester is more difficult than before. Every students must understand the materials before taking a test. Some chapters are completely new for us. She always helps us when we have problems. Now, we don't think they are hard anymore.

I am happy that Ms. Nina is a teacher. I hope she can be a teacher for a long time. Some teachers do not know how to deal with their students, but Ms. Nina knows how to handle them.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Emergence (Editorial, ESIS Newsletter, Term 4, 2014)

As the old pages of the school are about to be closed to give way to new chapters, the ESIS family looks back to an unforgettable year of carving memories. Probably, the year could only be described in its entireties with service, love and innovation.

There is this emergence of service as the school affirms its commitment for selfless offering to the community. The Pesta Rakyat with the ‘sembako’ giving to the less fortunate people was the attestation of this.

There is this emergence of love and service when the students poured forth their love in prayers and simple gifts as they visited and blessed SD- SMP Harapan Bagi Bangsa- YRPI.

There is this emergence of innovation as the school continuously seeks ways to progress in different aspects of the academe. Various projects are being undertaken and the TV program of Dr. Chitra is seen as a breakthrough giving way to the students to showcase their talents and bless others with service. It is indeed an unforgettable year to the ESIS family.

“Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever.” -Psalm 107:1-


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