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Friday, October 10, 2014

Letter from my Special Student

This is how I want to be remembered as a teacher when I die obviating the word 'beautiful' and other physical descriptions. This is why I teach...the words may not be written there but I know that teaching is a gift and it is a privilege to be part of the life of every student. Thank you, Justin.  :)

(Unedited feature article from one of my Journalism students.)

Her name is Ms. Nina. She is a teacher in my school. She teaches English and Creative Writing. She comes to my class every day. Every student always follow her lessons enthusiastically.    
Ms. Nina is at her early thirties. I think she is about 35 years old. She is very slim, and has average height. I think she is about 155 c.m. Her hair is long, black and straight. But, what people like from her is her white complexion. 

She is very nice, attentive, and dedicated. I have liked her since the first day she came to my class. She has been teaching us for two months, and helping us to learn new materials. We don't have difficulties in learning the subjects because she teaches us well. 

She knows her students well. She always gives us school assignments, and checks our works carefully. When a student makes many mistakes, she understands that she needs to help him. She will come to his table and explain the material one by one. 

The material in the new semester is more difficult than before. Every students must understand the materials before taking a test. Some chapters are completely new for us. She always helps us when we have problems. Now, we don't think they are hard anymore. 

I am happy that Ms. Nina is a teacher. I hope she can be a teacher for a long time. Some teachers do not know how to deal with their students, but Ms. Nina knows how to handle them.


  1. Interesting that they are specific about the one thing they like about you, your white skin. I assume this is somewhere in Asia?? Very interesting...

  2. This is such a sweet reminder for you that you are doing a great job!!

  3. It's such an amazing feeling when a teacher can make a memorable impact on a student that they can carry with them. Great job!

  4. How beautiful, you are having such a positive impact on their lives. Amazing achievement

  5. Going great. The nation needs more teacher like you :)

  6. Awww this is so sweet! Happy Teachers Day! I'm also a teacher and I do my best to keep all the letters my students give me. It gives me encouragement.


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