Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Fundamental Joy of Teacher’s Sacrifices: Teacher’s Appreciation

The world of teaching has always been a complex, inundating and more often than not, immensely challenging. It is therefore not a wonder to find ourselves overwhelmed by the ambiguousness of our chosen profession. However, it is through this confusion that we must find the affirmations of our worth and eventually afford ourselves with the immeasurable joys of teaching.

Amidst the chaos and noise, it is a joy to know that we are part of the journey of the world’s future. It is a comfort to be reminded that the small knowledge we plant and the way we shape little hearts, will have a big impact on how the future would be defined.

In spite of the long, arduous, not fully compensated sacrifices, it is a joy to know that our labors are not in vain. The amount of love we pour on our students are not lost in sight for we do not know the extent of our influences on the students’ lives.

Through the monotonous activities that teachers face each day, we are empowered with creativity. As teachers, we are gifted with the minds that continuously seek to provide interesting and challenging tasks. It is a joy to have that special job of orchestrating complex activities for little minds and shape them to be the future full of innovative ideas.

Conversely, while teachers face the everyday test of disruptive students and lack of supplies, there is the overflowing of graces and hopes through hearts that are resourceful. It is a joy as a teacher to know that we could teach hunger and apathy and teach the little minds how to face them in real life and eventually lay groundwork for lifelong learning.

Finally, what an immeasurable joy to know that the act of teaching itself is already a JOY. We are part of something greater than ourselves. We are part of instilling values, beliefs, experiences and goals. We are part of teaching diversity, faith and hard work.

Indeed, there’s pain but also immeasurable joy in the art of teaching.


  1. Teaching is a difficult and often underrated profession. It takes a special person to do it and do it well. I can’t imagine being a teacher these days with class sizes increasing and resources decreasing.

  2. Teaching is so underrated and takes a special person to do it. Teachers do it because of the impact they make on the world rather than the monetary compensation

  3. Teaching is a noble profession anywhere in the world! Rewards for teachers may not come in terms of the wages being paid, but seeing your students turn out well and some of them being thoughtful enough to remember you.


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