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Friday, March 02, 2018

Top Three Places to Visit in Chicago Using City Pass

My husband and I almost had a zero argument. We rarely contradict each other and most of the times, we settle everything without arguing. It was funny to find out that there was one thing we bickered a lot when we were in Chicago- finding the parking area! 

It was stressful enough driving in a city with some crazy drivers and looking for parking area was another thing! After a while, we agreed that I’ll handle Google map so he could concentrate driving. We knew our itinerary beforehand since the night before, we purchased the City Pass as recommended by friends. Here are the top places that you need to visit in Chicago using the city pass!

It was not my first time to be in a water marine park. However, this place makes it on top of my list as one of the best. It was huge and offered not just a glimpse but complete experience in educational way with various marine animals. Having the City Pass gave us unlimited access with all the features of the place.

The place was a walking distance from Shedd Aquarium but it was freezing because of the strong wind. It was not worth the walk and the place was a huge disappointment. After being spellbound with everything at Shedd Aquarium, we had high expectations. We got VIP entry courtesy of the City Pass but we did not really enjoy much our visit. I fell asleep at the middle of the 3D movie (The voice over was so boring) and the exhibits were not extraordinary at all.

Not having enough time to go to the Field Museum, we decided to just check the Cloud Gate at Millennium Park. It was probably the most stressful part of looking for a parking area. Thankfully, we found one just at the side of the park. Yes, the parking fee was ridiculously expensive! The Cloud Gate was definitely a beautiful art work of an Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor.
The last place does not need a city pass but if you are a Filipino, you definitely need to visit! 

There wasn’t really much to do at the Cloud Gate except taking pictures so we didn’t stay for long. Realizing we still have time to visit another place, we decided to go to Jollibee. It’s one of the famous fast food outlets in the Philippines known for its sweet spaghetti with hotdogs and crispy chicken. I was so surprised that there’s actually a city market in the same building selling Filipino foods. There’s another kiosk for street foods as well. I ended up doing grocery shopping!

It was another day of fun-filled memories spent with my husband. Despite of the stress in finding parking areas, we just ended up laughing about it. At the end of the day,  we remain a couple who would rather show how much we love each other than spend time arguing.


  1. Yes parking can be quite stressful all the time! Haha. Will add these places into my list to travel in Chicago. Planning to make trip to the US for 2-3weeks and just going around cities to cities.

  2. I love Chicago its my favourite american city and I cant wait to go back one day. Thanks for all the extra info I was unaware of and sharing the beauty of this gorgeous place

  3. Have never been to Chicago but it sounds like a fun place to visit! We'll have to visit it! You have seen quite a lot in just one day!

  4. I love Chicago! Except in the winter lol. Looks like you had a great time!

  5. We visited Chicago for the first timelast month and loved every minute of it! Such an amazing city with so much to offer.

  6. looks like a great city to explore. You’ve put it on my bucket list

  7. Have never been to Chicago but its always on my list to explore. Thanks for providing the information about Chicago. Great post.

  8. I love Chicago! It was the first place I have ever visited when going to the US for the first time!

  9. Chicago is such a nice place. My aunt lives there and always posts pictures and they fascinate me. I can't wait to visit soon! 💗


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