Friday, February 09, 2018

I love snow but…

Nothing beats the feel of cold fluffy flakes gently falling on your face. The bitter cold is forgotten while looking at the captivating scenes especially when everything is blanketed in pure white. That exhilarating feeling while sledding or that mesmeric sound of crunchy fresh flurries while walking makes my heart feel warm. It is simply magical.

My husband and I would often drive out when it is snowing pretty hard just because we both love the enchantment that snow brings! While we worry about zero visibility roads at times or the car sliding, we always get enthused being enveloped by the white stuff while enjoying the picturesque sceneries.

However, just like the chapters of every story, no matter how beautiful it is, you can’t wait but to reach and read the end. Just like a good old movie, you can’t help but wish for the happy ending.

I love snow but it’s been months since we were basking on inches and inches of these white flurries! Snow came early before Halloween and I was the happiest then but more than three months of nearly freezing temperature makes me think of the years I have spent in two tropical countries. I am getting tired waking up in the morning putting on several layers of clothing and trying to get in the car and the door would not open. I love snow but I also love the sun!

So, I’m kind of looking forward to reach the last chapter of this winter’s story. I’m ready to welcome spring!

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