Monday, February 06, 2017

The Best Husband!

The journey of life can be challenging at times. While we have this fixation of a ‘perfect’ life, it can’t be at all times. The truth is, facing hurdles is a daily part of life and nothing satisfies but having a relationship with mutual trust, understanding and respect.

Thankfully, I’ve been blessed with a husband who patiently teaches me each day that amidst the difficulties of life, we have each other to lean on. Today’s one of those challenging days and my husband being so sensitive with my feeling, simply hugged me in my silence. No words, just a loving embrace.

While others think that love can be equated by the butterflies in their tummy, I do believe that sometimes, it’s doing small things for each other. Like my husband waking me up with an elaborate dinner because he wanted to enliven my spirit. 

We may not have a perfect life but I believe we have a perfect love. Yes, I do have the best husband and I thank God for this greatest gift of my life!


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