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Sunday, February 05, 2017

10 Best Ways to Deal with Online Stress

There is no doubt about it. Time has changed. Birth and death are documented by Facebook posts. Every day of our life is seen largely online and you may not even be aware of it, but the emotional chaos is probably starting to eat you. Noticeably, visiting comment section of news articles or posts is probably enough to give you a heart attack. There is the presence of vicious words and radical views are expressed without regard to the feeling of others. In fact, one of the surveys conducted by Harris Poll revealed that political and cultural discussions on social media cause stress to nearly 4 in 10 adults.

The source of stress may not be directly correlated only to the opposing views posted on social media but there is also this undeniable alluring presence of travel abroad pictures, proud posts about new boyfriend/ girlfriend, marriage or new houses which create this longing and desire to achieve the same. These pictures used to belong in the family photo albums but nowadays, they are broadcasted all over Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media accounts. Even gruesome killing and beating can be live already! A quick look at Facebook would give us a glimpse of how chaotic the online world has become thus resulting to higher stress level according to different studies.

It is time to look for survival tips and here are the best ways to handle online stress.

1. Uproot the cause. Some people can be very strong about their opinion and will not have any qualms to express it. Not just once, twice or thrice. As if there’s an endless hit button, posts ridiculing your views and beliefs are all over your Facebook. Depending on the social media you are using, various options are available for you. You may not want to delete that person as a friend but there is always the option to unfollow him/ her. You can report the post as well and the appearance of the similar posts will be lessened on your timeline.

2. Don’t fall as a bait to online fake news. Fake news is everywhere. Don’t let yourself fall into a trap. Sometimes we feel so badly about something which is not even true! Don’t fall for those spam or fake news which were fabricated to lure clicks and generate more money.

3. Express your opinion with no expectations. Chances are, your belief will always be different from the rest of your Facebook friends. However, you have the right to express your opinion. Just don’t expect that your belief will be reciprocated. Expectations will lead to heartache and then stress.

4. Remind yourself, ‘You can’t change anyone.’ Ever wish and hope people would grow up? Well, you can’t change them. When you read posts of your friend or family whining about something, it gets into you and it is normal. But, remind yourself that you can’t change anyone. You may be boiling inside and fire off heated arguments but the thing is, YOU CAN’T CHANGE ANYONE.

5. Choose your battle. Commenting on something means opening yourself for the possible attack. If you do this, make sure that you have braced yourself for the painful hurl of vindictive words. There are probably issues that you feel so strongly about and you may not be able to help but comment on it. But, don’t get into every issue because sooner or later, it will take its toll on you. You can’t just fight it all!

6. Realize that you can’t have everything. The extravagant lifestyle of others may not be for you. You can always opt to unfollow when the stress of looking at the vacation photos or new gadgets of your friends and family gets too much. The thing is, you just can’t have it all. It’s fine to accept the reality that you may not be so happy with regard to the fortune of others but it does not mean that you will be stressing yourself with wanting to have the same so you can brag about it on Facebook.

7. Keep your account private. Some people just simply enjoy the pleasure of picking fights. Keeping your account private is one way of shielding yourself from the unwanted visitors of your account. Some friends and family may still be considerate of your feelings and may choose not to comment against you but not the strangers just lurking around to look for a fight. Protect yourself by making sure your setting is on private and only ‘Friends’ can see everything you post.

8. Think before you click. Majority of the cause of online stress is of posts that went wrong. Think of an angry wife who derides her husband on Facebook and ended up completely wrecking the relationship. If you have thousand friends or followers, think how fast a post can spread and make it viral.

9. Take a deep breath. Come on. Spending hours in front of your social media accounts or constantly checking your Facebook on the phone can be suffocating at times. Take a deep breath and let all the negativities go out of your system.

10. Give yourself a break. When you think that you can’t handle it anymore, give yourself a break. Yes, the quickest way is to simply run away from it. Take a day off from your Facebook or Twitter and relieve yourself from the source of your stress.

At the end of it all, don’t say something that you will regret forever. Don’t sacrifice relationship with your friends and family just because of opposing views. Most importantly, don’t subject yourself with unwarranted stress. Spread love not hate. The world has already too much of it. 


  1. I love all of these ideas and need to remember so many of them. Pick my battles, Think before I click. Good reminders to start out my week.

  2. Excellent tips. Express your opinion with no expectations and Remind yourself, ‘You can’t change anyone' are my favourites.

  3. No. 2 is something that many are easily fall into, and the effects are really stressful. How I wish its like before.

  4. Great tips - each one; and I do need to keep some of them in mind.. one thing I make sure I do is think before I click


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