Thursday, April 15, 2010

Political Parody

Philippine politics caught my attention at a tender age of six. That was the height of People Power 1. I guess, the interest of my father in politics lured me into what is being considered as the “dirtiest world”. Little did I know how much influence my father left me as I traversed into maturity.

From that young age of six my ventures continued during Edsa 2. I remember patiently watching the first Impeachment Trial against the Philippine president. My heart was full with passion to be involved in what was known as the greatest moment of history. I watched with hatred the Senators who voted not to open the envelope which they say would reveal the truth about Estrada. I knew then, that moment was very different with what I’ve felt during People Power 1. It was more painful because I could already understand what was going on. Yet, it was very significant too because I could already make decisions which would make me part of history.

Yes, I was there as one of those who went to streets when the truth was stalled to be revealed. I was there shouting for justice. I spent nights without sleep just to be one of the youths who were seeking for truth. I was part of that leaf of history.

It gave me appalling pain when finally, the real person who changed the government was unmasked. The current president has proven that intelligence is not enough to give an honest service to the people who put her on power. I remember reading with awe her qualifications against the ousted president, Erap Estrada featured in Time Magazine, “He’s Out, She’s In”. It was indeed remarkable that finally a well-educated intelligent woman will take precedence to our country.

My venture as an educator brought me immeasurable disappointments when all my expectations were crushed. Promises were forgotten and the “dirtiest world” was smeared with even “dirtiest secrets”. Being a six-year-old and a teen-ager is so much different with being an adult educator. Like the president of the Philippines, a teacher’s influence cannot be measured. Much to my dismay, I cannot utter words of displeasure lest I’ll be accused of politicking which may affect my credibility as a teacher.

Moments of displeasure brought me to what I am now. I don’t keep is as a secret I support Noynoy Aquino for president. What brought me into this decision of voicing my opinion is quite hard to fathom. I just woke up one day feeling the need to be part again of this leaf of history of our nation. I realized that I now have students who will be first time voters and I feel the responsibility to help them in contemplation of the right choice.

I don’t like to claim I have the right choice. However, I can claim with clear conscience that the one I have chosen was based on careful analysis and weighing of documents I gathered from the internet and other media. Yes, like you I was also lured with Villar’s TV ads, not to count the internet ads where he pops out ANY site that you open. I guess, he just wanted to get the worth of what he paid for which is more than 1 billion already. Note: A president will only get around 6 million during his whole term.

I respect people who say they want Villar for president, but please don’t be blind enough to look at 900 documents proving he’s guilty with the C-5 road controversy. HE NEVER DEFENDED HIMSELF MUCH MORE EXPLAINED THE EXISTENCE OF THESE DOCUMENTS. On top of that, the lie about his family’s poverty that led to the death of his brother is so big to ignore. Again, this was proven beyond reasonable doubt with legal documents about land titles and death certificate. Nobody can refute the truth of this.

Now, the attack on Aquino because of his physical appearance is a confirmation that Villar is a loser. After all, once you assail the personal aspect of a person that defines who you are. A man who cannot fight FAIRLY. Barely a month before election, after spending billions of pesos, he never made it on top of the survey. No wonder, his attack becomes so personal out of desperation.

The question on the coming election has long surpassed “whom I think deserves to be the president among”. It came to a point that the battle is just between Aquino and Villar. The contemplation therefore of who should occupy the highest position of the country must focus on the two. Each vote counts. If you know that you reach the end of the tunnel, there are only two choices left. Go to the light or embrace again the darkness. Yours is the power to decide. 


  1. i just hope the the Phil. people will vote for the most deserving one..nice post!

  2. AnonymousJune 20, 2010

    This is a fascinating glimpse into the people and events that influenced your political positions. It's very well-written too. Thank you.

    My own political influences developed as an outgrowth of many stomach-wrenching arguments put forth by my father during family dinners.

    Dad was a journalist who spent most of his time sulking about government corruption and the unrelenting propaganda most people swallowed hook, line and sinker. All his frustrations were uncorked when we ate together each day at 5:30PM.

    My brother and I learned to come to the table only after getting locked and loaded with enough intellectual firepower to battle dad during our usual sanguinary "discussions". Reading the newspaper was a minimum prerequisite - eating was secondary.

    We knew the engagement was enjoined when mom ran out of the house shrieking in horror. That happened from time to time, You could hear a pin drop after that.

    Those experiences gave me two habits. 1) Never discuss politics with anyone I love and, I'm sorry to say, 2) Never vote. It's a waste of time.


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